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The Innovation Insider series reviews how IT leaders can prepare their businesses for disruptive exponential technologies.

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Upcoming Event:

CIO Offense + Defense Innovation

January 24th, 2018 11am – 2:30pm

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Session 1 – Offense Innovation: CIO Peer to Peer Roundtable Discussion on Innovation & Transformation

11:30am-1:00pm Interactive Discussions Facilitated By Bill Murphy

Are you in the top 20% of your profession?

  • How do high performers think? The best CIOs ask the best questions.
  • Hear wisdom of CIOs from the older generation and rising stars.
  • Is the role of the CIO actually morphing into the role of the CTO?
  • Challenge your personal mental models and constructs.
  • Are other local CIOs being successful with Innovation? What are their success stories?
  • Are you keeping pace, in front, or falling behind – understand what projects and initiatives your fellow CIOs are working on that will inspire you creative thinking.
  • Who within your community of CIO peers shares your interest in business innovation that you can have ongoing weekly 15 minute calls with to stay invigorated and enthused regarding your vision?
  • CIO relevance – How can you keep growing as a high performance leader? What do you need to learn?
  • Seat at the table – You want to be involved with business innovation but when you are invited to the table how do you sound? What do you say?

CIO Language and Innovation – Watch Your Words

Mental Models are important and you need to understand the impact of language that you are using so that you can participate, lead, persuade and educate the business in regards to innovation and transformation.

  • When should you name something an infrastructure refresh vs innovation/transformation?
    • One CIO commented in our last Innovation lunch that he is moving elements of his budget from ‘digital modernization’ to O&M ‘Ops and Maintenance’ which frees up $100s of thousands of budget for him
  • Speed is the new Currency: Why it’s important to move fast
  • Automation does not equate to Transformation
  • The Role of the CIO is changing – the new Innovation and Transformation CIO looks more like a CTO.
  • Inspired thinking – you are the average of the 5 people you talk to most frequently regarding these topics. Who were your most recent conversations with?
  • What is a platform? Do you have the ability to build a community or a ‘Two sided network’?

Innovation vs. Transformation

  • What is simply an infrastructure Refresh vs Innovation
  • Defining Transformation, Modernization, and Innovation and understanding how they are different
  • Data Aggregation vs. Data Analysis
  • What is the difference between Innovation & Transformation in IT?
  • What do we do about the disruptive forces of the world? Do we compete or partner with them?
  • Why do we need to innovate and transform? Where is there an opportunity to innovate and transform?
  • What is Innovation at the Edge?

Organizational Culture

  • How do you innovate the teams in your organization to “go fast”?
  • How can CIOs motivate their internal team members to think differently about IT?
  • How can you make your employees see IT as a business partner that is helping solve their issues?
  • What are some creative ways to train employees on advanced security threats?
  • What are your team’s biggest innovation challenges? What is the impact of culture?

Session 2 – Game Changing Transformation

1:00pm – 1:30pm Speaker: Eli Hertz, CIO, USO

  • Data driven insights & decision making
  • Human centered design process
  • Mobile app 35K registered in 9 months
  • Platform strategy – not just an app
  • The Role of the CIO is changing. It is not about IT

Session 3 – Defense Innovation

2:00pm – 2:30pm Speaker: James Crifasi, CTO, RedZone Technologies

Part 1 – Understanding the Virtual Information Security Officer (VISO) Role

  • What is a Virtual ISO?
  • How does a VISO satisfy operational security needs?
  • How does a VISO satisfy security compliance needs?
  • How can you use a VISO to drive a security vision towards a [single pane of glass]
  • What problems can a Virtual ISO help a CIO solve?
  • How can you to deploy a Virtual ISO into your business?
  • What can’t a Virtual ISO do? What to avoid asking a VISO to do?
  • How can a Virtual ISO help with Strategy, Design, Tactics and Technical Response?
  • Two Minute Drill – A Ransomware checklist will be provided that you can take back to your team to validate your environment.

Part 2 – GDPR: How Will these New Regulations Impact You? 

  • Identifying the key distinctions of the new GDPR Regulations.
  • What types and pieces of information are considered GDPR?
  • Why “Transparency” of personal data is important.
  • The GDPR Checklist: A RedZone VISO program checklist will be provided that you can use within your business immediately.

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