Assessment Expertise

Is an IT Health, IT Security, or DR Assessment
Right For You?

RedZone has been doing IT Assessments in Security, Disaster Recovery, and Infrastructure since 2001. Our assessments are performed by real engineers who have practical experience in installing, implementing, and supporting IT environments. RedZone is not a team of academic professionals who think about solving problems. We are actively involved in reviewing IT problems, developing remediation plans, and working with our customers to integrate and solve the issues they have.

Engage our assessment team to:

  1. Resolve network instability.
  2. Increase network performance.
  3. Increase speed and performance between and among network layers: network, application, or database, or all three.
  4. Prepare for system upgrades.
  5. Prepare for system migrations.
  6. Reduce network complexity.
  7. Ensure successful integration of new business acquisitions.
  8. Respond to auditor/ regulator concerns.
  9. Address, remediate, and solve issues identified during an AUDIT(NCUA, PCI, HIPPA for example).
  10. Ensure all options and angles of an IT problem have been reviewed, budgeted, and priced.
  11. Alleviate the worries of the top IT decision maker(s)
  12. Ensure the company-wide Disaster Recovery and Local Recovery systems would work in case of a disaster.
  13. Ensure systems are properly secured across system and network tiers.
  14. Ensure proper Backup and Disaster Recovery Systems are optimized.

RedZone AD Assessment Video

RedZone Network Infrastructure Assessment Video