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Shift from a “Know It All” Company to a “Learn It All” Company with Chris Pirie

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My guest this week is Chris Pirie, who until recently, was General Manager in Microsoft’s SMGSR organization. Chris led the training and readiness for all Microsoft’s sales, marketing, and technical field employees worldwide.

Chris joined Microsoft in September 2004 as Senior Director of Learning Product Development, and subsequently he held global sales and marketing responsibility for Microsoft Learning, the organization’s customer training business. Chris has launched The Learning Futures Group which helps organizations rethink their Learning and Development strategy in the face of historic disruption and change in the workplace.

What You Will Learn from this Interview:

  • The most agile companies win: How does learning support this strategy?
  • Bold experiments in learning: How do organizations, companies and networks create the right environment to foster individual agility and fitness to become a better learner?
  • Companies relaxing with learning: It’s not micromanaging the process, but creating an environment that encourages a learning culture and putting some scaffolding around it.
  • Old frameworks and top-down modules of learning are dying: Today the expertise isn’t always at the top of the network or the organization. Things are moving too quickly for old structured processes.
  • The power of the metaphor with learning: Giving companies the ability to take on new ideas and develop new intellectual property, like patents, by their ability to ingest new ideas from outside their four walls.
  • Advanced research in learning using neuroscience: Offering better ways to understand how to move information into long-term memory. Discovering which social and physical conditions can accelerate or throttle the learning process.

With this, I want to welcome you to my interview with Chris Pirie.
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Microsoft is Changing the IT Security Game

It’s going to be crucial for you and your team to learn Windows Admin Center (WAC) or your IT administrator’s skills will be irrelevant within 24 months!

As you move your infrastructure servers, PCs and Laptops toward Win10 and Server 2016/19 pay attention to the changing landscape.

In this short video you and your staff will learn about the following:

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Why Should CIOs Be a Part of the CIO Innovation Insider Professional Group?

My CIO Innovation Insider group events provoke an open, collaborative environment to facilitate interactive discussions surrounding current innovation challenges and issues CIOs are facing in the industry. These conversations accelerate innovation and transformation and are the catalyst for CIOs to help their businesses avoid disruption, develop efficiency, and share tactical and strategic ideas.

Caterina Luppi of the American Psychiatric Association shared her purpose for being part of this group and attending events on a regular basis.

Do you want to challenge your current way of thinking as a CIO? Attend my CIO Innovation Insider events to hear the latest innovation concepts that will push you over the top in your organization. My September events are rapidly approaching: first, in Washington, DC on Wednesday, September 12th; and the following week in Raleigh, NC on Tuesday, September 18th.

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RedZone Technologies Expands to Raleigh, NC

In response to ever-changing industry standards, government regulations and worldwide threats, RedZone continuously innovates their solutions and assessment methodologies.

July 18, 2018, Annapolis, Md. – RedZone Technologies announced the expansion of our existing enterprise to Raleigh, North Carolina to support company growth and address the increasing demand for RedZone’s security solutions. “This expansion represents a clear investment in continuing RedZone’s momentum, demonstrating our commitment to the region and consistent with our vision to ‘Deliver on promises and customers for life.’

“As our Company continues to grow and expand into new markets, we must add accomplished members to our team in order to help us achieve our mission,” commented RedZone CEO, Bill Murphy. “We’re thrilled to have Scott Granai,, join the RedZone team as Business Development Director in our new location!”
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Do Your Team Members Compliment You as a Leader? | Tools to Define Your Team’s Unique Strengths and Weaknesses

How do you ensure exponential growth of your team? Leaders can’t blindly look for the talent to take their organization to the next level.

I have been using a number of tools within my company to ensure the proper distribution of talent within my organization. Watch the video to learn about some of my favorite tools that can make your teams more effective.

Team Building Tools

I have a big vision at RedZone to secure the lives of a billion people around the world, and that has to be done with team development. I’m involved in an entrepreneurial group that essentially coaches us on how to build self-managed companies, and a culture of self-management within the organization. This group has been teaching these skills for 35 years, and I listen closely because this is not about a natural skillset.

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