Why Should CIOs Be a Part of the CIO Innovation Insider Professional Group?

My CIO Innovation Insider group events provoke an open, collaborative environment to facilitate interactive discussions surrounding current innovation challenges and issues CIOs are facing in the industry. These conversations accelerate innovation and transformation and are the catalyst for CIOs to help their businesses avoid disruption, develop efficiency, and share tactical and strategic ideas.

Caterina Luppi of the American Psychiatric Association shared her purpose for being part of this group and attending events on a regular basis.

Do you want to challenge your current way of thinking as a CIO? Attend my CIO Innovation Insider events to hear the latest innovation concepts that will push you over the top in your organization. My September events are rapidly approaching: first, in Washington, DC on Wednesday, September 12th; and the following week in Raleigh, NC on Tuesday, September 18th.

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How to Transform Your Business Through Observational Learning and Design Thinking

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My guest this week is Neil Goodrich, Director of IT at M. Holland Company. With a background in accounting, project management, and investigation, Neil’s IT work has recently been focused on building technology teams around cultures of creativity. 

At my CIO Innovation Insider events, I constantly talk to CIOs about innovation and transformation. I recently asked the group this thought-provoking question:

“How do you get your IT team to engage with the business at a higher level?”

Neil has created some amazing ways to do it through storytelling and developing empathy within the business. I also love his practical approach to finding pain points of the end user by doing ride alongs with the sales team members.

I think you will enjoy some practical ideas that Neil and I discuss in this interview. As you develop your own vision of innovation and transformation within your organization, this could be one of the puzzle pieces that you will find very useful!

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The Man Watching: Soccer Coach Lessons for High Performance Leaders

This episode is sponsored by the CIO Innovation Insider Council.

My guest this week is Tim Crothers, a journalism professor and a freelance sportswriter. He has written three books on leadership from a coaching perspective.

I became interested in his book The Man Watching after my interview with Tom Chaby when he mentioned his favorite book Top Dog by Ashley Merryman. I loved that book, and in it there are several pages dedicated to Tim Crothers and his work on the dynasty of women’s soccer created by the coach Anson Dorrance at the University of North Carolina.

I decided to ask Tim Crothers to come on to the show. I encourage you to listen to this interview, as you will learn so much about how to lead you millennials and work new ideas and approaches into your leadership style. I hope you enjoy this interview as much as I did! Continue reading

CISO to CIO: Personal Vision, Legacy, and How to Leave a Positive Impact as the Top IT Leader


My guest this week is Riz Jan, the Vice President, Chief Information Officer at The Henry M. Jackson Foundation (HJF) For the Advancement of Military Medicine.

Riz is a dynamic technology and security executive leading an extensive strategic digital transformation to simplify and modernize the technology architecture within HJF.

In this interview, Riz and I focus on what it takes to be a great IT leader and the crucial investments you need to make in yourself.

What I love about Riz’s leadership philosophy that stems from his immigrant background is his no fear approach in taking risks. Listen to this episode to learn more about the role of legacy and making a positive impact as an IT leader. Continue reading

CIO Innovation Council Event Archive – August 1st 2018

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August 1st CIO Lunch Agenda

11:00am – 11:30am Registration, Meet your CIO Peers & Lunch
11:30am – 1:00pm Offense Innovation: Peer to Peer Roundtable Discussion on Innovation & Transformation
1:00pm – 2:00pm Defense Innovation: Tactics, Ideas & Strategies Surrounding Cloud & On-Prem Security
2:00pm – 2:30pm Exponential Technology Learning: Learn How Blockchain is changing Storage in the Cloud

Our intention is that you leave this event invigorated from interacting with a community of ‘like-minded, A-Caliber CIO innovation & transformation strategists’.  Bill believes that innovation and transformation is like a muscle that can be strengthened and developed over time. Very few people are born with these innate skills.

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