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Running Windows Server or SQL Server 2008? Don’t let Microsoft’s End of Support Sneak Up on You!

End of support (EOS) for both Windows Server and SQL Server 2008, and 2008 R2 is coming up fast. The first deadline is July 9, 2019.

While that may sound far off, it’s important to start planning your migration and upgrade strategy right now. Here’s why…

  • Security – Once end of support hits, security updates stop. This means your organization will be on its own in a threat environment that is more dangerous than ever. If a security breach happens, how would you explain to your CEO, shareholders and cyber insurance company that you were running unsupported software and that it might have led to a security breach?
  • Compliance – Running software without security updates can break compliance requirements, which can lead to financial penalties, civil litigation, and in some cases jail time. Staying out of trouble requires a strategy that includes uninterrupted critical security updates.
  • Innovation – With support closing, opportunities open. Consider implementing Windows Server Containers or migrating apps and data to Microsoft Azure to facilitate innovation with cloud services.

RedZone has you covered with other options that can extend security updates after EOS. The only wrong choices for your organization would be to delay action or take no action at all.

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CIOs Must Control Their Time

The one thing that we share equally is time.

We all have the same amount of time, and in the last CIO Innovation Forum, I talked about this from you choosing what’s essential.

What’s essential to get done, to accomplish this year in your business so that you get 80% of the results by focusing on what’s essential.

Look at this video down below and you’ll see Warren Buffet and Bill Gates and you’ll see how they approach time. It’s only a minute and a half, but its a stunning possibility of what an outlier does with their time.

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Team Science – Diverse Teams Need a Strong Leader to Succeed

One of my favorite books recently is called The Formula by Albert Lazlo.

He talks about the science of high performance as it relates to teams. He looks at the team science part of high performance teams versus successful teams.

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Extracting the Full Value from Advanced Threat Analytics to Protect Your Network

With all the publicity concerning network breaches and the exposure of client data, you would think hackers would be less successful as organizations get more serious about security. But you would be wrong…

Recent findings issued by Microsoft tell the real story:

  • The median number of days an attacker resides within a network before detection is 146.
  • Over 60% of all network intrusions are the result of compromised user credentials.
  • The average cost of a breach to the typical company is $3.8 million.
  • The total potential cost of cybercrime to the global community is about $500 billion annually.

These findings raise a key question… If corporate giants like Marriott, Target and Anthem can suffer data breaches despite big IT budgets, how can smaller firms like yours expect to do better?

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Eliminate Death On the Job by 2050 with David DiLeo

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Today you will hear a power-packed Episode with a world-class CIO. My guest today is David DiLeo, the Chief Information Officer at Industrial Scientific.

If you aspire and dream of a big job as a CIO and then land there, what would you do next? Well, 5-1/2 years ago, David landed at Industrial Scientific. What he and his team have achieved during that time has been remarkable.

As CIO, David is responsible for the information technology needs of Industrial Scientific which includes leading a large and diverse technical team comprised of ERP, business applications, application development, business intelligence, IT security, global infrastructure, and support functions. This team represents a world-class IT organization with capabilities that deliver high quality and data-driven solutions to both internal and external customers.

If you want to hear about good old-fashioned project management delivered at a world-class level, this Podcast is for you.

Here are some areas we cover:

  • Changing the Brand of IT.
  • How to create a scalable IT organization to support a business.
  • Changing IT from “Reactive” to “Proactive” – This is impressive since it was delivered in the midst of tremendous complexity and scale – not just lip service or words that everyone in business wants to hear from top CIO’s.
  • Project management can give you the broadest understanding of business. See why the path to David’s CIO role – a progression of technical, project management, middle management, and then senior management roles – was significant.
  • The powerful impact of IoT in his world.
  • How he integrated top-notch security into his environment following risk-based and security-by-design principles.
  • How people (good people) joined him on the journey to transform the business.
  • How he remains grounded and balanced.
  • His vision for himself and the business over the next few years.

This is only a small subsection of what you will learn from listening, enjoy!

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