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Simplify & Save with Cloud-based IT

Simplify & Save with Cloud-based IT

By moving to cloud-based IT, businesses are enjoying the benefits of simplified deployment, centralized management, improved security, and cost savings – without making big investments up front or having to go it alone.

Cloud-based IT Services save you time and money by…  

  • Consolidating your infrastructure for better performance, reliability, and availability.
  • Automating upgrades of OS, applications, users’ workstations and mobile devices.
  • Streamlining admin tasks; increasing your control over the entire IT environment.
  • Improving IT team and resource productivity.
  • Reducing your hardware, power, and operational costs.

RedZone Makes Cloud IT Happen

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Protect Your Proprietary Assets from Access by Former Employees

Protect Your Proprietary Assets from Access by Former Employees

There are plenty of laws protecting computer and other electronically stored information from unauthorized computer access. These laws not only apply to hackers outside the company, but to people who are no longer employed by companies but continue to access proprietary computer systems and network services.

Unfortunately, laws on the books don’t stop the bad guys. To better protect themselves, companies should establish, maintain, and monitor employee access to databases and other company assets, and ensure that at termination of employment all access credentials are revoked.

Further, employment agreements should specifically identify post-employment restrictions to any company-related, electronically stored information.

RedZone Security Solutions Fill the Gaps

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The Most Important Questions Senior Executives Need to Ask When Setting Cyber Priorities

The Most Important Questions Senior Executives Need to Ask When Setting Cyber Priorities

Many cyber attacks are conducted by nation states, hacktivists, or black-market service teams. However, virtually anyone can now purchase a hacking capability and use it effectively with little technical knowledge or experience. With the popularity of social networks it’s very easy for amateurs to do social engineering, hacking or phishing. We’ve reached the point where only a gmail account is needed to do harm.

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How Can You Compete Against a Motivated Adversary Who Wants to Beat You?

You can’t be great at rugby by playing golf. You can’t be great at boxing by swimming.

For 19 years, RedZone has invested heavily in team-style network security capabilities. Today’s modern adversaries are highly motivated and RedZone’s team-based approach is a perfect approach to scaling capabilities with monitoring and response.

Last week the RedZone Technologies’ Security Team participated in a competition against the region’s best security teams.

In the fiercely contested IoT Security competition, RedZone’s team – Will, Bryan and WJ each participated in the IoT Village Capture-the-Flag exercise on Saturday and Sunday. Pitted against the best from government and private industry, RedZone captured 3 of the 20 nodes within approximately 4 hours. It was a good first showing.

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2019 MasterMind Lunches: CIOs Share What Tools They’re Using to Increase Efficiency in their Organizations

CIO, 4000 Employees, Construction Industry

Thanks Bill. This is an awesome list!! My contributions to the community are as follows:

  1. Talend: This is a drag and drop (like ETL) tool that can connect to OnPrem or Cloud solutions very similar to Dell Boomi (which charges by the connector and data flows) but Talend has a yearly cost of $25k.
  2. ThoughtSpot: This is a self-service Google-like data visualization tool. Our team helps setup a schema, relationships and creates a keyword dictionary then trains the business how to use their own data and share their“pin boards”.
  3. Glip: This is a social collaboration tool that comes with Ring Central, similar to MS-Teams/Slack/GroupMe/Chatter except it is integrated into the total UC platform. From a Glip Group you can launch an immediate video conference with the entire team and they all get a single click “alert” on their iPhone, Android, or Windows PC. This is similar to a document share you don’t have to bounce out to WebEx and create a meeting.

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