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Delivering on Promises…Customers for Life

15 years ago in 2001, Bill Murphy founded RedZone Technologies. RedZone provides Enterprise Security solutions from Core to Edge and is a leader in Enterprise IT Security, Data Governance, and Managed Security Services.

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Our vision for working with our customers is “Delivering on Promises and Customers for life”. It is our guiding and never changing intent because in a fast and evolving IT and cyber security environment something has to stay the same and this is our vision. RedZone’s core mission, which is to follow-up and follow-through on promises we make over a long-term relationship journey, hasn’t changed.

RedZone brings the best innovative IT and Cyber Security solutions to serve our customer needs in the areas of Security: Assessments, Integration, Products, Managed Services, and Big Data Security.

In response to pressure from government regulations, PCI, HIPPA, HIPAA, and worldwide cyber security threats, RedZone’s Solutions Development Group is continuously innovating our IT Security Assessment methodology.

IT Security Assessments:

With the increased pressure being placed on CIOs and CISOs to respond to the continued and evolving threat landscape, our team developed the CIO Scoreboard, a tool that allows your IT Security team to review your IT security portfolio at a deep technical level and produce a roadmap and action plan for your CFO, CEO and Board.

CIO Scoreboard:

RedZone has launched several services and products to assist CIOs and CISOs with Assessing, Integrating, and Selecting IT Security Technologies, Enterprise Security Assessments, IT Security System Integration, Security Architecture, Managed Security Programs – MSSP, Big Data Security Analytics, Information Security Policies, and SIEM Solutions.

Security is a Verb and not a Noun – RedZone Managed Security Services

IT Security requires continuous maintenance and monitoring. Human error continues to be a large contributor to cyber breaches. RedZone moved into Managed Security Services in the mid-2000s in response to this concern. Our Managed Security Services are audit-focused and are meant to integrate with your existing teams.

Our mission is to ensure that businesses get access to the best quality IT Security services. The IT Security market is intense, fast paced and getting more and more complex. It is a challenge to staff high caliber IT security personnel. RedZone unravels this complexity and is a backstop for companies looking for a company that wants an Enterprise Security Partner for a Lifetime relationship.