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Wed, Dec. 6th, 2017 

Time: 11AM-2:30PM
Columbia, MD​​​​  

Bill Murphy
President & CEO, RedZone Technologies

"I have observed after hosting these CIO gatherings for 20 years that you need to be associated with and surrounded by the best in order to reach your highest personal and professional potential. The corporate 'immune system' is very strong. It doesn't like change and will actively discourage new ideas and people who take action. However, CIOs who surround themselves with peers who think in a powerful, transformational, and different way will be able to thrive with disruption and business ambiguity and will win professionally and personally." - Bill

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  Date:  Wednesday, December 6th

Time: 11AM - 2:30PM

 Location: Columbia, MD

Session 1: CIO Peer to Peer Roundtable Discussion on Innovation & Transformation

Interactive Discussions Facilitated By Bill Murphy

Community of CIOs Who Think In a Certain Way | Role of a CIO

  • Understand and prioritize roadblocks that are getting in your way of being innovative professionally.
  • Are other local CIOs being successful with Innovation? What are their success stories?
  • Learn what projects and initiatives your fellow CIOs are working on that are innovative and transformational.
  • What are CEOs and Boards asking of you and your local CIO peers?
  • Who are your other local CIOs peers who share your interest in business innovation?
  • As a CIO, how can I stay relevant for the next 12 months? What fresh ideas can I bring to the table?
  • How do you make an impact as a CIO? What is the most impactful question you could ask the CEO about his/her innovation goals?

Innovation vs. Transformation

  • What is the difference between Innovation & Transformation in IT?
  • What do we do about the disruptive forces of the world? Do we compete or partner with them?
  • Why do we need to innovate and transform? Where is there opportunity to innovate and transform?
  • What are the ‘hard trends’ of digital disruption that every leader should know about?
  • What is Innovation at the edge?

Organizational Culture

  • How can CIOs motivate their internal team members to think differently about IT? How can you make your employees see IT as a business partner that is helping solve their issues?
  • What are some creative ways to train employees on advanced security threats?
  • What are your team’s biggest innovation challenges? What is the impact of culture?

Session 2: Digital Transformation Strategy & Implementation

Speaker: Pradip Sitaram, SVP & CIO, Enterprise 

  • What does Digital Transformation mean at Enterprise?
  • Why did Enterprise embark on this journey?
  • What made it possible to even consider beginning a major initiative like this?
  • What is the strategic vision?
  • How is Enterprise working on it?
  • What are the key success factors?

Session 3: Defense Innovation: Understanding the Virtual Information Security Officer (ISO) Role

Speaker: James Crifasi, CTO, RedZone Technologies

  • What is a Virtual ISO?
  • What problems can a Virtual ISO help a CIO solve?
  • How to Deploy a Virtual ISO into your systems?
  • What can't a Virtual ISO do?
  • How can a Virtual ISO Help with Strategy, DesignTacticsand Technology?

Session 4: Defense Innovation: How to Use Cyber Insurance to Mitigate Risk

Speaker: Scott Martin, Client Representative, RCM&D

  • What exclusions do you absolutely need to understand (i.e. retroactive coverage)?
  • What exclusions do you need to negotiate?
  • How is data being moved to the cloud impacting cyber insurance?
  • If you move part of your data into a cloud service provider, will it abdicate the customer from responsibility for the security of their data?
  • Cloud Coverage: Dependent Business Interruption Loss
  • How do CIO's prepare for cyber insurance? When it's time to make the insurance company pay out, how do CIOs show due diligence?
  • What is the value of a broker?
  • What type of insurance is best for your company's Board of Directors?

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About Your Hosts

Bill Murphy
President & CEO

RedZone Technologies

Bill is an entrepreneur, prolific thinker and communicator. He founded RedZone Technologies in 2001 with the vision of deploying an elite team, rigorous assessments and dependable solutions that thrive in the 'red zone'.

He hosts the popular RedZone podcast, where he interviews leaders who inspire him in the areas of Exponential Technologies, Business Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Thought Leadership, Enterprise IT Security, Neuroscience, Philosophy and more.

Bill hosts the long-running CIO and ExO Mastermind Group which helps IT executives to share expertise with peers, to build professional relationships, to learn about new (business innovation) developments and to expand leadership skills.

Bill is the D.C. area ambassador for Singularity University. His articles have been regularly been featured in CIO Review, CIO Today and Enterprise Security Today.

Pradip Sitaram


Enterprise ​

Pradip is a digital visionary, strategist and business partner who actively shapes the future of digital in his firms. He is an early adopter of Cloud, Mobile and Social technologies successfully pioneering digital strategies recognized by MIT and CIO magazine. Computer World magazine named him one of the "Premier 100 IT Leaders". Pradip has a proven track record: Over the past 27+ years, he has successfully created and transformed technology platforms for organizations across several industries: multi-family CRE; housing finance & investment; international telecommunications; e-commerce; manufacturing; print; media & advertising; as well as government and non-profits.

Most recently, Pradip created and led the digital transformation strategy for the Enterprise family of companies: an investment company; a CDFI; a real estate developer; a mortgage company and a mission oriented NPO (among others). He challenged the firm to look beyond just automation and efficiency and strive for digitally powered exponential growth in value creation. The primary theme of his multi-dimensional strategy puts Enterprise’s customers at the center of everything they do to create powerful networks, platforms and data; transforming operations and service, allowing staff to work from anywhere, at any time on any device; transforming their industry by sharing their insights & know-how to better target investment dollars and develop more effective public policies; and, by creating new B2B and B2B2C business models through socially-powered mobile apps & platforms that allow unprecedented access to opportunities.

Pradip is a valuable business partner providing the digital vision and leadership critical to every organization. He has led the digital transformation of organizations ranging from startups to well established multi-national companies. From creating the digital vision and strategy, to building teams, to operations and execution, his extensive general management and IT experience enables him to communicate with executive boards and all facets of management and business units; and all levels of technical teams.

Pradip has delivered exceptional results at every step in his career. His work experience in the US, UK and India enables him to build, lead and energize high performing teams in the US and offshore to create quantum improvements delivering results in 1/8th the time and 1/4th the cost. His familiarity with professional organizations and fluency in several of the local languages enables him to bridge professional and cultural gaps while creating effective business relations.

Pradip began in technology as a programmer analyst working for Hughes at NASA. There he quickly rose through the IT leadership and management ranks eventually leading a multi-million-dollar program leading a team of engineers and scientists in less than 5 years. Next, he was responsible for business systems at Intelsat, the world’s premier satellite organization. He led the business systems transformation as Intelsat evolved into a multi-billion-dollar telecommunications company. Then, after a stint in government consulting where he helped win over $100M in business, Pradip became the CIO at CDI where over 5 years, he modernized and transformed their entire digital infrastructure and led them through a successful PE exit.

Pradip is a technology evangelist and mentor, having delivered key-note addresses; spoken to large audiences and served on expert panels in the USA, Europe, Asia and Australia. He is a regular guest speaker at universities for MBA programs; and provides advice to several organizations as a mentor to guide them in their digital transformation journey. Pradip is actively involved on the advisory board for some of the world's leading technology companies and an investment company.

Pradip has a Master’s degree in Software Engineering and a Bachelor’s in Architecture. Pradip was honored to publish his Master’s thesis. He graduated at the top of his class in university and is a member of the Tau Beta Pi Engineering Honor Society. Pradip is a crazy cricket fan and will watch games into all hours of the day/night and play it every chance he gets; he and his family live in Ellicott City, Maryland.

Special Guest Speaker

James Crifasi

RedZone Technologies

James Crifasi has over nineteen years of IT security, architecture, and integration experience and a strong record of accomplishment. He holds several degrees from the University of Maryland: a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Algorithmic Theory, a Bachelor of Arts in Criminology and Criminal Justice, and a Masters in Science in Interdisciplinary Management. Serving as Chief Technology Officer and VP for RedZone, James is responsible for all aspects of technology, project development, legal, and engineering for the company. He has over a decade of success in ensuring customers successfully and repeatedly pass any and all security examinations. James is also a member of Infragard.

Scott Martin
Client Executive


Scott has been with RCM&D in a variety of capacities since June 2010.  Over the past seven years he has been an integral part of the firm’s Corporate Resources group with a specialization in management liability and cyber security lines of coverage.  Scott supports clients throughout the Mid-Atlantic across a variety of industries, ranging from public entities, health systems, investment banking / management, and higher education institutions. 

Scott consults and collaborates closely with his clients, taking the time to gain an in-depth understanding of the risks that they face so that he can provide the optimal solutions. He leverages his considerable insurance expertise to negotiate policy terms and conditions and pricing to secure the best possible coverage for his clients.

Prior to joining RCM&D, Scott was a student at Virginia Tech University where he graduated with a degree is Marketing Management. He is currently pursuing a Masters in Business Administration at Virginia Commonwealth University. 

Education & Professional Development

Virginia Tech University – Marketing (BS)

Virginia Commonwealth University – Masters in Business Administration (in progress)

Commercial Lines Coverage Specialist (CLCS)

Management Liability Insurance Specialist (MLIS)

2012 Andrew Beazley Broker Academy Member

2013 Great Richmond Chamber:  Politics 101 Member

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Testimonials from Previous Attendees:

Column 2

"One of the reasons I attend these kinds of talks is to hear things that give me ideas on handling things in my own area. Yesterday's meeting was great. I took good notes on comments and things said that inspire other ideas at work"

David Tamayo, DCS Corporation

Column 1

"I thought the event was great. It brought together individuals from different perspectives and industries. I'm looking forward to next month's meeting."

Bill Granger, Walker and Dunlop

Column 2

"It provided me with an opportunity to connect with other local executives and also learn about some of their challenges. The session by MAGA Design was also very useful."

Ramesh Bulusu, United Educators

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  • The most common mistakes we see, and how you can avoid them
  • Our top vendors for data governance, white listing & APT protection
  • The top Cloud IaaM & authentication problems with Azure & AWS
  • Key questions to help assess if your Azure/AWS integration is secure
  • How to rent virtual IT Security expertise to complement your team
  • The best visual tool to use to obtain executive funding for IT Security

Previous Offense + Innovation Topics Discussed

  • Assess your company's capacity for culture of innovation
  • Explore your own personal capabilities in leading innovation
  • Design Thinking
  • How to manage privacy & governance within a culture of innovation
  • Understanding the impact of finance with innovation
  • How design thinking can help build capabilities around innovation
  • How to find the right innovation & exponential technology expertise
  •  What innovation technologies should CIOs be tracking now e.g. Virtual Reality, Big Data, IoT, Quantum Computing, AI, etc.

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