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​Wed. June 20th, 2018 

Time: 11AM-2:30PM
​Washington D.C. 

Bill Murphy
President & CEO, RedZone Technologies

"I have observed after hosting these CIO gatherings for 20 years that you need to be associated with and surrounded by the best in order to reach your highest personal and professional potential. The corporate 'immune system' is very strong. It doesn't like change and will actively discourage new ideas and people who take action. However, CIOs who surround themselves with peers who think in a powerful, transformational, and different way will be able to thrive with disruption and business ambiguity and will win professionally and personally." - Bill

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  Date:  Wednesday, June 20th, 2018

Time: 11AM - 2:30PM

 Location: Washington, D.C.

Session 1 - Offense Innovation: CIO Peer to Peer Roundtable Discussion on Innovation & Transformation

11:30am - 1:30pm Interactive Discussions Facilitated By Bill Murphy

The goal of the facilitated roundtable discussion is to have high performance CIOs collaborating in a tight-knit group focusing on, but not limited to these topics below

  • ​Where in your organization do you have your best people work on the worst problems versus your best people working on the biggest opportunities?
  • How do high performance leaders think? The best CIOs ask the best questions.
  • CIO Relevance: How can you keep growing as a high performance leader? What do you need to learn?
  • Seat at the table: You want to be involved with business innovation but when you are invited to the table how do you sound? What do you say? Are you the voice of exponential thinking and possibility or are you the voice of reason and logic?
  • Understanding the impact of language that you are using as a CIO, so that you can participate, lead, persuade and educate the business in regards to innovation and transformation.
  • Speed is the new Currency: How do you innovate the teams in your organization to ‘go fast?’
  • Finding Mentors: you are the average of the 5 people you talk to most frequently regarding these topics. Who were your most recent conversations with?
  • What is “Innovation at the Edge”?

Session 2 - ​​​Strategies + Tactics on Deploying Power BI in the Enterprise

1:30pm - 2:30pm​ Presentation from Gion Hollingsworth, Microsoft

  • ​Microsoft Mission Statement + Current BI Landscape
  • ​Power BI Solution Overview (includes Power BI flavors/offering types with applicable high-level landscape)
  • Demo ​​​​(Demo of working solution with KPIs and Drill-Down capabilities, etc.)
  • ​​​​Deployment Governance and Security
  • ​Q & A

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About Your Host

Bill Murphy
President & CEO

RedZone Technologies

Bill is an entrepreneur, prolific thinker and communicator. He founded RedZone Technologies in 2001 with the vision of deploying an elite team, rigorous assessments and dependable solutions that thrive in the 'red zone'.

He hosts the popular RedZone podcast, where he interviews leaders who inspire him in the areas of Exponential Technologies, Business Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Thought Leadership, Enterprise IT Security, Neuroscience, Philosophy and more.

Bill hosts the long-running CIO ​Innovation Insider Group which helps IT executives to share expertise with peers, to build professional relationships, to learn about new (business innovation) developments and to expand leadership skills.

​Bill's articles have been featured regularly in CIO Review, CIO Today and Enterprise Security Today.

​Special Guest Speaker

Gion Hollingsworth - Business Intelligence - Technology Solutions Professional, Microsoft

​Gion Hollingsworth
​Business Intelligence - Technology Solutions Professional,


​Gion’s mission is to empower organizations to unlock their ingenuity in order to shape the cultural and technological outcomes they desire. As a part of Microsoft's Modern Workplace team, Gion specializes in providing Business Intelligence solutions, including Power BI and My Analytics, that help his customers realize their digital transformation outcomes.

Prior to joining Microsoft, Gion worked for Capgemini, a global technology consulting firm, where he led business intelligence projects for both commercial and public sector clients here in the U.S. and abroad. Among his efforts at Capgemini, Gion managed a toolkit of Microsoft products, including Power BI, for the Customs and Border Protection agency within the Department of Homeland Security. This tool was used to allocate air and marine assets to optimal locations in order to keep our borders safe.

Gion’s experience is supported by a B.S. degree in Accounting and Management Information Systems from Purdue University and continuing education from MIT on Tackling the Challenges of Big Data. Gion enjoys all things tech, is a fitness enthusiast and lives in the D.C. metro area where he enjoys spending time with his wife and three kids, two of which are identical.

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Testimonials from Previous Attendees:

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"One of the reasons I attend these kinds of talks is to hear things that give me ideas on handling things in my own area. Yesterday's meeting was great. I took good notes on comments and things said that inspire other ideas at work"

David Tamayo, DCS Corporation

Column 1

"I thought the event was great. It brought together individuals from different perspectives and industries. I'm looking forward to next month's meeting."

Bill Granger, Walker and Dunlop

Column 2

"It provided me with an opportunity to connect with other local executives and also learn about some of their challenges. The session by MAGA Design was also very useful."

Ramesh Bulusu, United Educators

Previous Defense + Innovation Topics Discussed

  • What are the mistakes that lead to malware, phishing, and ransomware?
  • The most common mistakes we see, and how you can avoid them
  • Our top vendors for data governance, white listing & APT protection
  • The top Cloud IaaM & authentication problems with Azure & AWS
  • Key questions to help assess if your Azure/AWS integration is secure
  • How to rent virtual IT Security expertise to complement your team
  • The best visual tool to use to obtain executive funding for IT Security

Previous Offense + Innovation Topics Discussed

  • Assess your company's capacity for culture of innovation
  • Explore your own personal capabilities in leading innovation
  • Design Thinking
  • How to manage privacy & governance within a culture of innovation
  • Understanding the impact of finance with innovation
  • How design thinking can help build capabilities around innovation
  • How to find the right innovation & exponential technology expertise
  •  What innovation technologies should CIOs be tracking now e.g. Virtual Reality, Big Data, IoT, Quantum Computing, AI, etc.

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