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Founded in 2001, RedZone provides comprehensive Risk Assessments, Security Solutions, Integration, Professional Services, Managed Support and more.

Virtual Information Security Officer (VISO)

A VISO can help solve difficult security problems ranging from Executive “exceptions” and internal politics, to supporting businesses with limited to no in-house core IT security staff.
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CIO Review - CIO Driven Innovation Starts with a Strong Security Posture

CIO Driven Innovation Starts with a Strong Security Posture

As the moderator of a roundtable discussion with some of the brightest CIOs in the tech world, I like to dive deep and get to the root of various technology and management issues they are confronting. We have…

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DavCo Restaurants

Migrated 157 locations to new PCI compliant network throughout Maryland, DC, and Virginia. Ensured PCI audits were passed without issue for the last 5 years.

McGinnis Lochridge

“After a very comprehensive Network Assessment by RedZone our network infrastructure and general network performance are running much more smoothly.”

Alban Tractor

For 10-year client, assisted with migrations to VMware, SAN, redundant WANs, as well as full security management and advisory services.

State Dept. FCU

“It’s refreshing to have a vendor respond with a sense of urgency and resourcefulness. Our IT Manager said that RedZone was awesome.”

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MArch 16th, 2018


Prepare For GDPR: Start With Privacy By Design Principles!
This week my guest is Ann Cavoukian, Distinguished Expert-in-Residence, leading Privacy by Design Centre of Excellence at Ryerson University. Ann and I talk about privacy, GDPR and the concept of privacy by design, which Ann created. Privacy by design was recognized by the International Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners as an essential component of fundamental privacy protection and it is a core part of the European Union GDPR regulations.

CIO Today - How to Win the Boardroom Conversation on Security

Corporate decision makers grapple with high-level business issues every day. More than most people, Executives and Board members appreciate simplicity, clarity and transparency…
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