Security Policy Management

Raise Employee Awareness

A company is more secure when communication, education and awareness about security policies are managed well. With RedZone you can save time distributing, tracking, managing, and filing your company’s security policies. When the auditors come, you’ll be ready.

RedZone’s online security policy portal helps you raise awareness of your company’s policies among your employees and reinforces them with an integrated quiz module – all with just the click of a mouse!

Strengthen the Process

  • Ensure your policies are up to date, validated and signed by every employee
  • Follow up and educate your employees on important policy information
  • Ensure remote employees and locations are included
  • Find a copy of every signed policy on demand

No More Paper

Convert your paper-based process into an efficient, secure, cloud-based solution. Distribute, track, e-sign, collect, and securely file all of your company’s policy paperwork online.

We provide a custom URL and login credentials. When you sign up you access your company’s confidential portal and from there you upload policies, add recipients, and utilize all the built-in features, including:

  • Electronic Delivery and Storage of Employee Policies
  • Electronic Signing of Policies
  • Workflow Routing to Ensure All Signature Requirements Are Met
  • Secure Storage & Retrieval of Old Policies
  • Integrated Quiz Module to Ensure Compliance and Understanding of Policies

Contact RedZone today so we can simplify your Security Policy Management today.