Top Ranked Security System Integration + Assessments

As Concerns Mount with Organized Crime and
Nation-state Intellectual Property Theft Security Protection

RedZone is poised to help you organize and make it very difficult to access your systems. Our security assessment methodology and unique integration approach will keep you secure.

Over the past 12 years RedZone has developed deep expertise in Network System Security. With current threats from organized crime and nation state IP theft RedZone delivers the following IT security program and methodology for our clients. The following RedZone elements are ways we can help you build more peace of mind into your organizational readiness to handle IT Security Threats.

  1. Deep Defense APT – (Advanced Persistent Threats) –Times are changing. You need to change your mentality from waiting for something to happen to proactively “go hunting” for threats. RedZone can help you review your current security systems to see what is appropriate for you to move your security systems from ‘reaction based’ systems to “go hunting” security systems.
  2. Data Loss Prevention(DLP) – Where is the data that will put your company on the cover of the local newspaper if it leaked? Data like – PII, HIPPA, Social Security numbers, etc. Learn tools and methods of inspecting data at rest and data in motion. RedZone can show you how to examine your data, identify it’s location, and develop a method of securing it while allowing access to the data at the same time for mobile devices on your network.
  3. Security Portfolio and Risk Scoreboard – We have developed an application that helps you measure your security portfolio from an investment point of view. IT visually presents your security risk and cost to mitigate the risk. View Here
  4. BYOD, MDM & Mobility Security Options – RedZone can show you how to control, deploy and manage data centrally so you can stop caring about devices and start caring about applications and data for BYOD and MDM.
  5. Password Management and Accountability – This is a must! Learn how to reign in your IT department passwords and service accounts with RBAC. Roles Based Access Control to apps, servers & network devices. RedZone can show you how to do it.
  6. Configuration and Change Control. Learn how to stop being beholden to specialized Cisco talent. If the network is down or not performing well learn how your team can determine within minutes what was changed from the night before so the problem can be fixed.
  7. Prevent and Silence Outbound Hijackers – Learn how to use out-bound inspection tools to see if you have been compromised. Learn how to make it hard for ‘bad guys’ to establish outbound connections to home.
  8. Roles Based Access Control to File Shares – RedZone can help you develop a much more granular control to critical file shares. If you are a great steward of your data then mobile device management becomes infinitely easier.
  9. Dropbox & Cloud Storage Mitigation – RedZone can show you how to leverage security tools so that Public Cloud and Private Cloud storage options are more appealing from a risk point of view.
  10. File Permission Security Auditing – RedZone has developed tools that identify what file permissions people have access to. These drift over time and are probably not what you want them to be. When you understand your file permissions you take a major step forward with security.