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Recent SingularityU Washington D.C. Salon| Exponential Public Service

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Our next SingularityU Washington D.C. Salon was a blast! We were lucky to partner with Maga Design, Inc. and thank them for providing a creative and innovative meeting space.

We had three great Speakers to discuss practical ways to solve problems, innovate, and create new solutions in your organization using Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Algorithms and Big Data.

Date: Wednesday, December 7th, 2016
Time: 5:00– 7:30PM
Location: Maga Design, Inc. – 1838 Columbia Road Northwest, Washington, D.C. 20009
Food: Light refreshments will be served


5:00 Registration and Networking
5:30 – Bill Murphy

  • Introductions – SU DC Chapter Ambassador
  • Chapter News and Updates

6:00 Speakers:

  • Dr. David Bray, Eisenhower Fellow to Taiwan and Australia, Co-Chair of IEEE Committee on Artificial Intelligence and Innovative Policies, and Harvard Executive In-Residence

Talking Points:

#ChangeAgents= Leaders who “illuminate the way” and manage friction of stepping outside the status quo. Technology is rapidly changing our world, the 7 billion networked devices in 2013 will doubled to 14 billion in 2015 and will reach anywhere between 50 to 200 billion by 2022. Legal code and digital code must work together, enabling more inclusive work across government workers, citizen-led contributions, and public private partnerships. Institutions must encourage and empower positive change agents on the inside to pioneer end-to-end innovation. Institutions must also open their data for greater public interaction, citizen-led remixing, and discussions. All together, these actions will transform Public Service to truly be “We the (Mobile, Data-Enabled, Collaborative) People” working to improve our world in the midst of our exponential era ahead.

  • G. Nagesh Rao, Chief Technologist US Small Business Admin|2016 USA Eisenhower Fellow | IP-Law Advisor | Design Engineer | Tech-Columnist

Talking Points: What works and doesn’t in Public – Private Innovation Eco Systems

7:00 Wrap up and Q & A

Speaker Bios:

*David Bray currently serves as a Chief Information Officer at Federal Communications Commision. David is a transformative champion of “change agents” across sectors. Award Armed Forces Comms & Electronic Assoc’s Outstanding Achievement Award for in 2015. Served as Senior National Intelligence Executive and Executive Director for interagency team receiving National Intel Meritorious Unit Citation. Awarded by the DNI the National Intelligence Exceptional Achievement Medal for leadership in 2013. Awarded Arthur S. Flemming award for leadership; selected as one of two Senior Executives to receive the Roger W. Jones award. Named a member of the Council on Foreign Relations; Eisenhower Fellow to Taiwan & Australia re: global strategies for the Internet of Everything in 2015; Co-Chair for an IEEE Subcommittee re: Artificial Intelligence & Innovative Policymaking in 2016.

*Nagesh Rao is a 2016 USA Eisenhower Fellow whom also serves as Chief Technologist & Entrepreneur in Residence with the US Small Business Administration’s Office of Investment & Innovation. His portfolio of work includes advising senior leadership around the SBIR/STTR programs, Co-Leading the SBA Growth Accelerator program and Co-Leading Coordination of the Fueling Small Business Innovation Interagency Policy Committee for the White House’s Lab to Market Commercialization Agenda. As well handle all things “techie” and “nerd-related”.

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