Virtual CIO Innovation Insider Presentation
Defense & Innovation: Bridging Security + Compliance Together

Thursday, December 14th, 2017

2:00 - 3:30PM EST

​James Crifasi
CTO, RedZone Technologies

James Crifasi has over nineteen years of IT security, architecture, and integration experience and a strong record of accomplishment. He holds several degrees from the University of Maryland: a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Algorithmic Theory, a Bachelor of Arts in Criminology and Criminal Justice, and a Masters in Science in Interdisciplinary Management. Serving as Chief Technology Officer and VP for RedZone, James is responsible for all aspects of technology, project development, legal, and engineering for the company. He has over a decade of success in ensuring customers successfully and repeatedly pass any and all security examinations. James is also a member of Infragard.

Virtual CIO Innovation Insider Presentation

Defense & Innovation: bridging Security + Compliance Together

Speaker: James Crifasi, CTO, RedZone Technologies

It is imperative to make sure that our security plans are not moving at the speed of a glacier. To deploy innovation with security takes more than tools, it takes a mindset.

  • Can I be compliant on the Cloud?
    • Is your cloud (AWS, Azure, Hosting Facility, etc.) compliant?
    • Review cloud security services you likely own and are ready to go
    • Review the coolest new cloud security solutions that ACTUALLY HELP
  • VISO - Virtual Information Security Officer: A Path to Compliance
    • How do you know if you are compliant?
    • Single Pane of Glass between cloud and local infrastructure (hybrid cloud)
    • What are the steps to a compliant cloud infrastructure & where do I start?

The Microsoft Security Platform - What is it Actually?

Microsoft has been going the extra mile to help its OS users deal with persistent threat activities that can harm their networks, data, and applications. But many CIOs and CISOs aren’t aware of these advanced security tools. When CIOs and CISOs are aware they frequently don’t know of all the tools nor how to make them work in concert with one-another. Here are the Microsoft Security Platform tools that we will be educating about:

  • Advanced Threat Analytics - Lets you (or your technology partner) detect suspicious activity right away, with a succinct, real-time view of the attack timeline. All the intelligence to learn, analyze and identify normal and suspicious user or device behavior is built-in.
  • Cloud App Security – Brings the security of your on-premises systems to your cloud applications, both approved and unapproved, for deeper visibility, comprehensive controls, and enhanced protection against cloud security issues.
  • Device Guard – Allows you to move from a mode where apps are trusted unless blocked by an antivirus or other security solution, to a mode where the operating system trusts only apps authorized by your enterprise. You designate these trusted apps by creating code integrity policies.
  • Conditional Access and MFA – Enables easier to use Multi Factor Authentication, greatly enhancing compliance and security, but without over burdening the end user.
  • Windows Defender ATP – Combines sensors built into the operating system with a powerful security cloud service, enabling Security Operations to detect, investigate, contain, and respond to advanced network attacks.

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