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Planning an advanced project in disaster recovery, infrastructure, or the cloud? Do you know your Security posture? Before you start building a network or addressing security, you need to know where your IT stands right now.

Engage Our Proven Team

RedZone uses a team approach – across many technical disciplines – to deliver a thorough review of your IT environment. Our assessments are performed by certified engineers with decades of practical, hands-on experience installing, implementing, supporting, and protecting IT environments. RedZone experts are ready to:

  1. Ensure IT systems are properly secured across all system and network tiers.
  2. Respond to regulatory concerns. Address, remediate, and solve issues identified during an audit – NCUA, PCI, HIPPA, etc.
  3. Resolve network instability.
  4. Increase speed and performance between and among network layers: network, application, or database, or all three.
  5. Prepare for system upgrades or migrations.
  6. Reduce network complexity.
  7. Ensure successful integration of new business acquisitions.
  8. Respond to auditor/ regulator concerns.
  9. Ensure all options and angles of an IT problem have been reviewed, budgeted, and priced.
  10. Ensure company-wide Disaster Recovery and Local Recovery systems are optimized and work when needed.

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Contact RedZone today. When we uncover IT or security problems, we map out detailed remediation plans, and work with you to get your IT back on track and protected.

RedZone AD Assessment Video

RedZone Network Infrastructure Assessment Video