CVE-2011-2054 (asa_5500_firmware, asa_5510_firmware, asa_5512-x_firmware, asa_5515-x_firmware, asa_5520_firmware, asa_5525-x_firmware, asa_5540_firmware, asa_5545-x_firmware, asa_5550_firmware, asa_5555-x_firmware, asa_5580_firmware, asa_5585-x_firmware)

A vulnerability in the Cisco ASA that could allow a remote attacker to successfully authenticate using the Cisco AnyConnect VPN client if the Secondary Authentication type is LDAP and the password is left blank, providing the primary credentials are correct. The vulnerabilities is due to improper input validation of certain parameters passed to the affected software. An attacker must have the correct primary credentials in order to successfully exploit this vulnerability.

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