CVE-2013-1599 (dcs-1100_firmware, dcs-1100l_firmware, dcs-1130_firmware, dcs-1130l_firmware, dcs-2102_firmware, dcs-2121_firmware, dcs-3410_firmware, dcs-3411_firmware, dcs-3430_firmware, dcs-5230_firmware, dcs-5230l_firmware, dcs-5605_firmware, dcs-5635_firmware, dcs-6410_firmware, dcs-7410_firmware, dcs-7510_firmware, wcs-1100_firmware)

A Command Injection vulnerability exists in the /var/www/cgi-bin/rtpd.cgi script in D-Link IP Cameras DCS-3411/3430 firmware 1.02, DCS-5605/5635 1.01, DCS-1100L/1130L 1.04, DCS-1100/1130 1.03, DCS-1100/1130 1.04_US, DCS-2102/2121 1.05_RU, DCS-3410 1.02, DCS-5230 1.02, DCS-5230L 1.02, DCS-6410 1.00, DCS-7410 1.00, DCS-7510 1.00, and WCS-1100 1.02, which could let a remote malicious user execute arbitrary commands through the camera?s web interface.

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