CVE-2019-10481 (apq8096au_firmware, ipq4019_firmware, ipq8064_firmware, ipq8074_firmware, mdm9607_firmware, msm8996au_firmware, qca6574au_firmware, qca8081_firmware, qcn7605_firmware, sdx55_firmware, sm6150_firmware, sm7150_firmware, sm8150_firmware)

Out of bound access occurs while handling the WMI FW event due to lack of check of buffer argument which comes directly from the WLAN FW in Snapdragon Auto, Snapdragon Consumer Electronics Connectivity, Snapdragon Consumer IOT, Snapdragon Industrial IOT, Snapdragon Mobile, Snapdragon Voice & Music, Snapdragon Wired Infrastructure and Networking in APQ8096AU, IPQ4019, IPQ8064, IPQ8074, MDM9607, MSM8996AU, QCA6574AU, QCA8081, QCN7605, SDX55, SM6150, SM7150, SM8150

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