CVE-2019-10959 (alaris_cc_syringe_pump_firmware, alaris_gateway_workstation_firmware, alaris_gh_syringe_pump_firmware, alaris_gs_syringe_pump_firmware, alaris_tiva_syringe_pump_firmware)

BD Alaris Gateway Workstation Versions, 1.1.3 Build 10, 1.1.3 MR Build 11, 1.2 Build 15, 1.3.0 Build 14, 1.3.1 Build 13, This does not impact the latest firmware Versions 1.3.2 and 1.6.1, Additionally, the following products using software Version 2.3.6 and below, Alaris GS, Alaris GH, Alaris CC, Alaris TIVA, The application does not restrict the upload of malicious files during a firmware update.

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