Certain Zyxel products have a locally accessible binary that allows a non-root user to generate a password for an undocumented user account that can be used for a TELNET session as root. This affects NAS520 V5.21(AASZ.4)C0, V5.21(AASZ.0)C0, V5.11(AASZ.3)C0, and V5.11(AASZ.0)C0; NAS542 V5.11(ABAG.0)C0, V5.20(ABAG.1)C0, and V5.21(ABAG.3)C0; NSA325 v2_V4.81(AALS.0)C0 and V4.81(AAAJ.1)C0; NSA310 4.22(AFK.0)C0 and 4.22(AFK.1)C0; NAS326 V5.21(AAZF.8)C0, V5.11(AAZF.4)C0, V5.11(AAZF.2)C0, and V5.11(AAZF.3)C0; NSA310S V4.75(AALH.2)C0; NSA320S V4.75(AANV.2)C0 and V4.75(AANV.1)C0; NSA221 V4.41(AFM.1)C0; and NAS540 V5.21(AATB.5)C0 and V5.21(AATB.3)C0.

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