5 Errors That Threaten Infrastructure Cybersecurity And Resilience

Do more with less. This is the new expectation of security teams. Do more with less but also faster and less expensive.

In his piece for ForbesLouis Columbus, Principal at Dassault Systèmes, explains how CIO’s, in their efforts to make budgets leaner, need CISOs to up their game and avoid making mistakes that could derail the organization.

Here are a few mistakes no CISO wants to make:

❌ Discounting or underestimating the importance of privileged non-human identities that far outweigh human users as a cybersecurity risk.

❌ Not updating the budget to include the latest security systems such as cloud, and DevOps.

❌ Exposing their organizations to a greater risk of breach and privileged access credential abuse by staying with legacy password vaults too long.

Columbus adds, “Taking a more modern approach that is aligned to digital transformation priorities can often allow organizations to leverage their existing solutions to reduce risk and costs at the same time.”

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