How Cybersecurity and Compliance Function as One

Compliance needs to be an ongoing, organizational process – one that is proactive instead of reactive.

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In her piece for Cybersecurity Hub, Esther Shein explains how the modern CISO has an opportunity to lead the charge on this and ensure cybersecurity and compliance go hand-in-hand.
Here were a few of my favorite points:

✔️Compliance and risk need to be connected, organizations need to engage a governance, risk management and compliance (GRC) program to enhance data that is shared.

✔️A risk management program will address real-time requirements, monitor dynamic changes and analyze data.

✔️There are many established regulatory compliance frameworks that will help a business tie industry requirements, specifications, and government legislation together.

✔️Cybersecurity leaders approach regulatory compliance in a business opportunity manner and not as an obligation.

✔️Third parties conducting a compliance and security assessment of an organization are able to recommend mitigations without bias.