Trust is a Major Aspect of Digital Transformation

With all of the challenges that have arisen this year (the shift to a remote workforce, how to continue digital transformations to name a few) many organizations are finding their biggest challenge to be one of trust.

In his piece for ForbesCharles Towers-Clark, Chairman at Pod Group, sets out to answer this one, important question- With staff no longer physically present, how do you know your employees are who they say they are?

Through conversations with Andrew Shikiar, Executive Director & CMO at FIDO Alliance, the two of them pose these solutions:

💡 Shikiar says, “You can’t have digital transformation without security.” This means ditching traditional passwords and having users log into devices, cloud-based platforms, or online services using a biometric signature.

💡 Move away from server-side credentials to authenticating users locally from a device in their possession, such as their PC or smartphone.

💡 Clear up any misnomers with biometrics including where the data is stored, and who can access it.

Utilizing these solutions will, according to Towers-Clark, help give enterprises the confidence they need to push ahead with digital transformation projects.

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