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Does Your Organization Fall Under the FTC’s Safeguards Rules and Standards?

FTC Revised Safeguards Rules - Who Falls Under the Rules?

Recently revised in May of this year, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) adjusted its standards for safeguarding customers’ information. The newly updated Safeguards Rule reminds not only financial institutions, but organizations and businesses that regularly exchange sensitive customer information with them to take a look at their current business security practices as well. 

If you are wondering whether or not your organization falls under the classification, the FTC’s guide specifies, “an entity is a ‘financial institution’ if it’s engaged in activity that is ‘financial in nature’ or is ‘incidental to such financial activities as described in section 4(k) of the Bank Holding Company Act of 1956’” (FTC Safeguards Rule). 

As stated directly in the Safeguard Rules, a few examples of organizations that fall under the classification are as follows: 

    • Automotive Dealerships
    • Retailers that can issue their own credit cards to customers
    • Personal Property or Real Estate Appraisers
    • Businesses that print and/or sell checks for customers
    • Businesses that regularly wire money to and from consumers
    • Check Cashing Businesses
    • Career Counselors
    • Accountants and Tax Preparation Businesses
    • Travel Agencies
    • Mortgage Brokers
    • Investment Advisory and Credit Counseling Services
    • Real Estate Settlement Services
    • Companies acting as a finder to bring buyers and sellers of any product or service together

    ((United States, 16 CFR 314.2(h)(2))

It is important to make sure your organization is closely following all standards set in place by the FTC. If you are unsure if your current security practices meet regulations, our team of security experts can help. 

Contact our sales team at to get started. 



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How to Backup and Archive your Data to the Blockchain featuring Don Beavers

Blockchain security






Blockchain is the Future.

In this episode, we chat with Don Beavers, the President of Probability and Statistics Inc. and CEO at Sollensys. Don specializes in database and blockchain applications for web, aerospace, and defense projects.

Don has pushed the limits of what is possible with blockchain and crypto using math and science to tackle impossible challenges.

Listen in as we discuss backups, protection from hackers, how blockchain is the future and Don’s unique approach to technology and leadership.

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Achieving High Performance in Parenting & Business Featuring Ryan Morrissey and Brian Vetter

high performance

High performance starts in the kitchen.

Our bodies thrive better on simple ingredients. Keeping what we put in our bodies simplified, helps us live our healthiest lives.

Or as Brian Vetter, Chief Growth Officer and founder of Tessemae’s put it  “Our mission is to simplify food and amplify life.”

On this episode, we explore how to optimize performance with fitness and nutrition.

Tune in for this chat with Ryan Morrissey, Coach, and Owner of Peak Custom Solutions, and Brian Vetter, Chief Growth Officer and founder of Tessemae’s.

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How Networking & Team Building Develops Successful IT Leaders with Robert Field

In today’s episode, I’m joined by the ultimate master of networkingand Vice President of Global Solutions at Precipart, Robert Field. 

Join us as we discuss the importance of surrounding yourself with a team that encourages professional growth. Hint: make sure people around you are smarter than you. We also explore the value of networking and how it can transform your potential within your organization.   

Robert’s insight, perspective, and years of masterful networking have cultivated for him a rich a fulfilling career. Join us as we share leadership experiences and business leader tips on how to get the most out of your career path.  

Do have a mentor? Do you surround yourself with a team that challenges you? Learn how to develop this level of excellence by listening in!  

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Why Immersive VR Technology is a Huge Opportunity with Holographic Architect Michael Potts

In this episode, I’m excited to dive into the latest Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) development to help you understand how these immersive technologies can add value to your organization through the gamification of your sales funnels.  

Although VR fell flat in the 90s and 00s after building major hypethis time is different. Now, I’m confident that VR has crossed the threshold from just being a ‘cool gadget’ to being an avenue for innovation that CIOs can tap into to take their business to the next level in the future. 

I’m joined by Michael Potts, a Holographic Architect and CEO of M2 Studio. Michael is a multi-faceted designer with a degree in Architecture with an emphasis in Advanced Visualization Technology. During Michael’s 21 years of experiencehe has worked on over 3000 projects on 5 Continents where his work has been seen in dozens of publications including broadcast television and motion picture. 

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