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How Great Leaders Elevate Energy & Eliminate Fear With CEO Richard Sheridan

chief joy officer

I’ll be honest, I’m not a fan of the word “happy.” But, I thoroughly enjoy using the word “joy.” Through my years in the tech world, I have witnessed my share of IT leaders that get hyper-focused on competing with one another to the point where they become the hero of their organization. 

This is not a sustainable way to function. Deliver positive change to your organization and learn how to pivot away from this hero-based business culture in this episode! 

Key takeaways from this podcast

  • How IT leaders can circulate joy amongst their teams to produce optimal results. [10:00 -13:10] 
  • How developing a culture focused on the business value of joy is best for innovation to prosper. [26:30 -29:30] 
  • The leadership skills required to build a learning culture that helps your teams disrupt an already disruptive industry. [40:00 – 44:32] 

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Achieve Excellence with Lessons from Stoicism, featuring Massimo Pigliucci

Stoicism has become very popular recently, but why?

Stoicism is a philosophy for life that dates back 1000s of years. It’s philosophical tenants which attracted visionary leaders like Adam Smith, Thomas Jefferson and George Washington, are now finding a rebirth within our culture.

We exist in a time where personal leadership is critical. The techniques that stoics use to achieve their goal of self improvement can be useful tools for business leaders to shape their thinking, achieve excellence and flourish in life.

Learn more about why following the practical philosophy of stoicism can help business and IT leaders frame their minds in a positive direction, thereby improving decision-making and reasoning skills quickly.

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A remote buffer overflow vulnerability was discovered in some Aruba Instant Access Point (IAP) products in version(s): Aruba Instant 6.4.x: and below; Aruba Instant 6.5.x: and below; Aruba Instant 8.3.x: and below; Aruba Instant 8.5.x: and below; Aruba Instant 8.6.x: and below. Aruba has released patches for Aruba Instant that address this security vulnerability.

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