🛡️Top Strategies of the Week for IT Business Leaders – December 2, 2020

The roles of the CIO and CISO have become more collaborative in recent years. Both execs are pulling together on the same rope. Here are a few thought-provoking offense and defense themes from the previous week.

Weekly Summary

IT Business Leadership, Strategy & Innovation

Offense & Defense Innovation

1.    “How do CIOs and CISOs focus on risk mitigation with security?”– Roger Grimes, Data-Driven Defense Evangelist at KnowBe4, explains why so many companies don’t do risk correctly.

2.    “What is your superpower as a CIO?”– Jon Santee, Vice President of IT, discusses his favorite elements of teamwork.

3.    “Are you looking for historical security reporting or real-time threat management?”– James Crifasi, CTO at RedZone Technologies, discusses the value the SIEMs provide.

4.    “Managing uncontrolled devices with Cloud App Security”– James Crifasi, CTO at RedZone Technologies, provides the two main points of view on Cloud App Security.

5.    “Endpoint MDR-EDR or Next-Gen AV: how to make sense of it all?” James Crifasi, CTO at RedZone Technologies, clears up any confusion surrounding Next-Gen AV.