5 essential roles of the CIO

If there has been one thing this year has taught organizations, it’s that the role of the CIO goes well beyond running a company’s technology infrastructure.

CIO’s are responsible for shaping the digital future and acting as “Change Agents” within a company.

Roberto Torres writing for CIO Dive examines this shift and provides five types of leaders businesses need CIOs to play.

💼 A business leader with a deep understanding of the company’s business strategy.

💼 A “tech whisperer” who can influence and inform anyone from business leaders to vendors.

💼 A “change agent” who can use technology to break silos and encourage technology product adoption throughout the organization.

💼 A cultural revolutionary who can mind the human element of the organization.

💼 A talent scout who can help select talented people to help lift the company through these uncertain times.

While a CIO is called upon to wear many hats, they’re responsible for transformation work “just as much or more” than their C-suite counterparts.