A Sound Mind Needs A Sound Body – with Best-Selling Author & FEAR Guru, Patrick Sweeney

Are Business IT Leaders Too Fat?

….. I invited Patrick Sweeney, best known as the Fear Guru, to come to my office and chat about Courage, Passion & Performance.

This guy has an incredible story. He is the first person to ever bike to Everest Base Camp 🏔️, he’s an Angel Investor in over 30 start-ups & he’s done studies with the world’s top neuroscientists. 🧠

In this video, tune in to Patrick’s tips for IT Leaders about why it’s so important to stay fit. 💪

Exercise & movement makes you smarter.

So next time you’re trying to think in an innovative way… Go take a walk!

Think about what other tips you have for keeping in shape?  Let me know on LinkedIn @Bill Murphy.