Are Your Vendors and Third-Party Downstream Suppliers Washing their Hands?

52% of Legal & Compliance Leaders Are Concerned About Third-Party Cybersecurity

I just read this statistic from a recent Gartner survey:  Which third-party compliance risk has increased (or could increase) the most at your organization as a result of COVID-19?

The answer: Over half (52%) of organizations believe that cybersecurity and data breach are the most-increased third-party risk their organizations face.

Are you surprised by this number? Have you thought about how you are securing yourself from others?

I think it’s understandable that organizations are concerned as suppliers are relying on a newly remote workforce just like you are…

…and a newly remote workforce without the right security tools in place can expose your supplier AND you to unsecure practices, viruses or data breaches.

If you’re not 100% confident of your third-party suppliers security practices, set-up time with me to discuss RedZone Technologies’ Kill Chain Review Process for Third-Party Risk caused by COVID-19. Get on my calendar now –