Exploring CIO Superpowers, Skills, Tactics, and Strategies with Bill Granger

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My conversation with Bill Granger, CTO of Walker & Dunlop, continues down my path of exploring superpowers, skills, strategies and tactics that make top A+ Chief Information Officers succeed.

As I reviewed the transcript of my conversation with Bill, I was reminded that as you progress in your career, the truly successful transition is from I/me success, to we/us, to helping others succeed.

Major Take-Aways From This Episode:

  • How to influence and lead positively as one of the core foundation skills
  • The role of exercise for busy, successful leaders
  • Paying attention to experimental and disruptive technologies
  • The huge impact of finding a mentor and being a mentor
  • The importance of continuous learning
  • Unique project management skills I loved
  • How to pitch solutions using strong financial literacy
  • Fun story of the flea at 42:00

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About Bill Granger:

Bill Granger, chief technology officer, joined Walker & Dunlop in 2010. Mr. Granger is responsible for managing and expanding the company’s information technology infrastructure. Before joining Walker & Dunlop, Mr. Granger was director of Information Technology at Beers & Cutler, a Virginia-based accounting firm recently acquired by Baker Tilly, LLC. At Beers & Cutler, Mr. Granger successfully upgraded the firm’s infrastructure to position the firm for expansion prior to the company’s acquisition. Previous to Beers & Cutler, Mr. Granger led the application group for the Mills Corporation and the technology infrastructure group at Charles E. Smith Commercial Realty before it was acquired by Vornado Realty Trust. Mr. Granger served in the U.S. Air Force from 1986 – 1992, when he was honorably discharged with Air Force Commendation Medals. Mr. Granger received a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from George Mason University in 1994.

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