CIOES Event: Credit Union Security Lunch

Credit Union Only Event

Credit Union IT Security Lunch

September 24th, 2013 | 11:45am to 2pm

Join us for some lunch and tech talk!

Who Should Attend?

IT Managers, Directors of IT, VP’s of IT, or CIO’s of credit unions, as well as their Chief Lieutenants, will find the information provided in this event particularly useful.

Event Agenda

  • Learning Session 1 – DDOS Attacks (30 min) – Learn about DDOS attacks and what to do about them. Review tools that can be used and what to do when you are attacked. Review your zero day protection options.
  • Learning Session 2 – Product Review (30 min) – Learn how a centralized security strategy is the key to safe mobile device usage in a credit union. Discover what and where your risks truly are. Review security enforcement tools and assessment tools that are needed to secure files, data bases, member data, inspect data through any data channel and to any device. Products like FPA, DAR Scan, Veronis, Code Green, and Alert Logic will be discussed and integration approaches.
  • Learning Session 3 – Blackberry’s Comeback (30 min)– Learn about Blackberry’s Innovative Support of Any Device Using Containerization, application wrapping, and secure connectivity for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. “The containerization of BlackBerry devices, called BlackBerry Balance, is the best example of the separation of corporate data from personal data while retaining a strong user experience.” Gartner Magic Quadrant
  • Learning Session 4 – IT Security Policy and Enforcement (30 min) Learn how to take the expanded IS&T Policy Requirements and break them into actionable steps. In this section we will break apart the IS&T IT Policy section and show how this section can be used to deploy your own enforceable security policy. Bring your own IT Security Policies that you may have questions about.

Event Sponsored by RedZone Technologies