CIOs are the Merlins and Magicians of the Future, but it Starts Now!

In my CIO lunches, I am constantly pushing people to ask the highest quality questions they can of themselves. When you’re asking high quality questions, you’re immediately separating yourself from everyone else – and getting better answers. I think this is incredibly important for digital leaders, for innovation leaders, and for CIOs in particular.

So, in this brief blog, I have 2 high-quality questions for you:

  • If you have unlimited time, unlimited funds, unlimited support – what would you accomplish?
  • What would you go out and get done? And what would you achieve for the business?

I think this is important. We have to approach this from a limitless point of view because, truly there are no limits. CIOs are the Merlins and Magicians of the future – and the future begins now!

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