Emerging Threats… Increasing SSL Traffic Opens New Doors to Hackers | Security

It’s no secret that most Internet users believe Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption is the ultimate in network traffic security, especially since it has the blessing of Google, Microsoft and other tech giants… Wired: Half the web is now encrypted.

The trouble is that hackers are exploiting confidence in SSL to penetrate corporate networks. Since it has become very easy for anyone to obtain a legitimate SSL certificate at little or no cost, cybercriminals have realized they too can use them. Under the cover of SSL, malware payloads can be slipped into the traffic stream to roll right past even the most rigorous IT defenses. The reason: SSL traffic is often waved through because it is considered as coming from a legitimate source with no need for further examination.

Another troubling issue is a recently discovered hole that opens up during the exchange of certificates, which could permit new methods of attack.

These gaps point to the need for stricter handling of SSL traffic by network security tools. Instead of allowing SSL traffic a free pass onto the corporate network, network security tools must be re-tuned to give SSL traffic the same careful inspection and handling as non-encrypted traffic.

For those in need of such technology, SonicWall offers Deep Packet Inspection, whereby the SSL traffic is decrypted transparently, scanned for threats, re-encrypted, and sent along to its destination if no vulnerabilities are found.

A proper implementation of this technology by RedZone will help guard your network against these emerging SSL threats. To speak to a member of my team contact: (410) 897-9494, or rzsales@redzonetech.net.