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In Episode #38 Bill interviews Eric Vanderburg, a thought-leader and Director of Information Systems and Security at JurInnov, a cyber security and forensics company that helps businesses get back on their feet following a security breach. Listen as Bill and Eric discuss life as “Sherriff of the Internet,” virtual versus augmented reality, the nuances of corporate espionage, and various elements of upscale IT security.

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About Eric Vanderburg:

Eric Vanderburg

Eric Vanderburg – Director of Information Systems and Security at JURINNOV, Ltd.

Eric Vanderburg is the Director of Information Systems and Security at JURINNOV, Ltd. (“JURINNOV”). JURINNOV is a technology company that provides cybersecurity and eDiscovery services. Cybersecurity consulting includes investigating accidental or malicious data breaches as well as providing security strategies and assessments to prevent such occurrences. eDiscovery consulting includes computer forensic investigations, electronically stored information collection and processing, and ASP hosting. JURINNOV’s client base includes United States and international law firms and companies.

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Time Stamped Show Notes:

  • 01:40 – Bill welcomes Eric to the show
  • 02:01 – What it’s like being the “Sherriff of the Internet”?
  • 03:10 – Microsoft Hololens—Microsoft’s take on Google Glass
  • 04:48 – Eric defines an innovative, real world application for Microsoft Hololens
    • 05:47 – Fashion
    • 07:31 – Other applications for Hololens
    • 07:59 – Video conferencing
  • 08:53 – Eric defines his idea generating process
  • 09:39 – Virtual reality is cutting us away from the real world, whereas augmented reality allows reality and the virtual to coexist
  • 10:49 – The problem with technology is that it allows us to connect at such grand scale that—in some ways—it prevents us from actually connecting
  • 11:30 – Virtual reality and augmented reality are both industry terms
  • 12:19 – How Eric forms his ideas and brings them to market
  • 13:27 – Eric’s top 2-3 sites for leveraging security information
  • 14:44 – Ideas can be lost real fast—capture them as they arise
  • 16:09 – David Cross of Microsoft Azure
  • 16:50 – Muse
  • 18:58 – Data can help us to train our brains
  • 19:19 – Heartmath
  • 21:25 – The medical device industry is growing at 400% per year in terms of technological advancement
  • 21:46 – Explaining corporate espionage and how inter-company hacks work
  • 23:34 – The dark web makes it incredibly easy to perform corporate espionage
  • 24:44 – Countries go through a maturity process where technologies are simply stolen
  • 27:00 – Eric’s role as an expert witness in IT Security trials
  • 29:15 – The importance of the investigative track
  • 30:00 – eDiscovery as it pertains to email and file systems
  • 31:09 – Before adopting a technology, you need to fully understand and appreciate all the potential impact it can have
  • 32:20 – You can say something 1000x times but until it actually happens to them, most people don’t pay attention to all the risks
  • 33:08 – Top questions for a CIO to ask to start the impetus to plan for an attack
  • 36:48 – Hybrid clouds versus full-cloud deployments
  • 38:44 – When data is in unstructured file types, the normal tools used to run against it are ineffective
  • 39:46 – Subtopic for a CIO Mastermind—finding qualified talent
  • 41:01 – How AI will impact IT Security and Business IT Leadership moving forward
  • 42:26 – Theses days, data is used to gather even more data, which is then used to create revenue
  • 43:00 – Bots are just the new wave of malware
  • 43:27 – We are in the midst of the Cold War of technology
  • 44:38 – Businesses are struggling to even deploy anti-virus software
  • 45:12 – It behooves business owners to evaluate the methods and means in which their IT will be used
  • 46:58 – IT Security awareness needs to be ramped up

3-5 Key Points:

  1. The future isn’t in virtual reality, it’s in augmented reality.
  2. When data is in unstructured file types, the normal tools used to run against it are rendered ineffective.
  3. Intimately understanding the technologies you’ll be incorporating into your business is vital if you want to have effective security systems and protocols.
  4. As the years progress, expect most businesses to favor hybrid cloud solutions over full-cloud deployments.

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