Hackers Don’t Care About Your Corona Virus Problems: Education and Learning

In this education session James covers most recent threats his team is mitigating related to the Corona Virus pandemic and operational and security items popping today. Areas he covers in this are:

  • RDP Brut Force Attacks
  • ATO Account Take Over Attacks Click Bait Attacks (JHU.org Corona Virus Map)
  • SaaS and Cloud App security
  • Split Tunneling VPN Issues ACH and Wire Transfer Fraud
  • The Role of virtual SSL VPN licensing
  • Tracking remote work being done

Top 3 calls the RedZone team receives now:

  1. Tips to Optimize Bandwidth SaaS app security for distributed end points (not all under your control)
  2. Security tactics for cells phones, tablets, company issues laptops and personal computers
  3. Identity Management – Review use of MFA and Conditional Access