How Do You Navigate Your Ceiling of Complexity?

As business and life speeds up, it is undeniable that many business leaders are sucked into this vortex where they think that adding more is the way to add value. Sometimes adding more is the right path to take, but not always.

It is my belief that as a Digital Leader, Leaders of Transformation, CIO, CXO… or, whatever your role – that you are a voice of wisdom and that you can usher changes into your business because you understand two things:

  1.  That you are the leader of the only department that spans horizontally across the entire business.
  2.  That you understand the power of technology to effect change.

However, you may have reached a Ceiling of Complexity. Every business does and every leader does. Where are you?

So, how do you know that you have reached this point?   

   You will know when:

  • You are no longer able to manage your team with a simple ‘to-do’ list.
  • Your normal way of managing your priorities is falling apart.
  • Your promises to your team, the businesses, yourself and your family are slipping…… and possibly a lot.

Now, how do you navigate these waters?

  • Ceiling of Complexity – Realize that anything that looks like a ceiling, an obstacle or threat is an opportunity for you.
  • Mentors – Ask yourself, who are my mentors? Are all your mentors just like you, or have they done what you are trying to achieve. Use LinkedIn to find higher caliber mentors.
  • Think like an Intra-preneur (internal entrepreneur) – Every entrepreneur has complexity ceilings they have to get through. I would like you to think of yourself as an intra-preneur. I love this book by Shannon Waller, Multiplication By Subtraction. I think it will help you examine ‘right fit’ people in your business.
  • Ask Better Questions – Develop techniques like ‘question storming’ versus ‘brain storming’. By asking higher quality questions you will get better answers. One book that I highly recommend that can help you with this is, A More Beautiful Question by Warren Berger.

These are the type of things we discuss at my CIO Innovation Forum group events. These events provide an important source for CIOs and IT leaders to get together, communicate, and dive deep into common concerns and challenges they face in their organizations every day. They learn how to flex different muscles in their thinking and recognize leadership and innovation opportunities.

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