CIO Jason Kasch Interview|Podcast Ep 1

Jason Kasch

Jason Kasch – CIO Structural Group

I recently caught up with Jason and we discussed several topics related to IT Security, DR, and Infrastructure.

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Jason is a world class technologist, businessman, and CIO. He also has a seat at the table (Board). I know this because I have sat next to him in the board room and have observed Jason who brings a unique and diverse perspective to business. He works directly with the CFO regarding finance and with Sales and Marketing as well. He is the glue for many parts of the business.

In our discussion we covered the following areas:

Structural has 4000 employees, 30 locations and 2000 mobile users.

Tactics and Strategy related to:

File Synch, DR, Pilots vs Free, Data Governance, CEO and Board Level Communication, Data Access vs App Delivery

BYOD, Dropbox Replacement, Private Filesynch, workflow, collaboration, high availability, and privacy.

‘Webifying’ his corporate file systems to have 1 instance of data being able to be delivered to any desktop and device in his network.

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Product Discussions: VMware Horizon, Nasuni,  DATAnywhere

BOOKS: Michael Crichton’s Prey, Jack Reacher Series by Lee ChildBusiness at the Speed of Thought by Bill Gates

Show Notes: RedZoneCIO Podcast Episode 1 Transcription

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