Microsoft is Changing the IT Security Game

It’s going to be crucial for you and your team to learn Windows Admin Center (WAC) or your IT administrator’s skills will be irrelevant within 24 months!

As you move your infrastructure servers, PCs and Laptops toward Win10 and Server 2016/19 pay attention to the changing landscape.

In this short video you and your staff will learn about the following:

  • Windows Admin Center (WAC) is built into Windows 10 and is being pushed as the only way to do IT administration moving forward.
  • Microsoft is changing the game with Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016/19. This will be the platform you can build upon for the future which will help you drive support costs out of your administration and security.
  • WAC is free, it comes with your Windows 10 license
  • WAC will be the only platform receiving development moving forward + ALL OTHER TOOLS WILL DIE?
  • WAC does not care where servers are located or what environment they’re in (i.e. Azure, AWS, On-Prem, Collo, etc.)
  • WAC incorporates data from connected servers, security tools, etc.

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