Where Can Enterprises Leverage 3rd-Party Expertise for Cloud Security? – with Cloud Computing Pioneer & Best Selling Author, David Linthicum

You outsource your taxes, finance, payroll processing… what about your cloud security?

David Linthicum, the “Father of Cloud Complexity Management”, shares where to leverage 3rd-Party experts for cloud security…

SecOps 🤓

RedZone Technologies offers co-managed security services to make sure you’re getting the most out of your security investments with full security from on-prem, to the cloud. 

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Weekly Roundup | Top Strategies of the Week for IT Business Leaders 🛡️ – August 5, 2020

The question of What Does It Mean to Build Enterprise Value?” has been a provocative one.

Here are some major highlights from recent discussions I’ve had with IT Leaders with over 20-25 + years of experience. This week we exchanged valuable leadership tips on mindset, resiliency and digital transformation.

There is no algorithm we know of yet for experience. 🙂

Weekly Summary

IT Business Leadership, Strategy & Innovation

Offense & Defense Innovation

  1. Is Digital Transformation Technology or People Driven? (2:49) – Khuloud Odeh, CIO & VP at The Urban Institute
  2. Matching the Business Needs to the Technology (22:26) – James Felty, VP & CIO at South Mill Champs Mushrooms
  3. The Power of Small Mission Vision Cards (4:00) – Jason Kasch, CIO of Structural Group
  4. 2x Characteristics of a Great IT Leader (1:41) – James Felty, VP & CIO at South Mill Champs Mushrooms
  5. CIO Mindset of How to Build a Billion $ Company (5:48) – Jason Kasch, CIO of Structural Group
  6. How IT Leaders can Develop a Robust Resiliency (5:21) – Margaret Heffernan, Entrepreneur & Top 100 Media Executive

About RedZone Technologies

Since 2001, RedZone Technologies has been the local leader in Managed Security Services, Data Governance, Security Assessments, Integration, and Policy Management. We help CIOs and Business IT Leaders prioritize cybersecurity spending based on risk – while building enterprise value for IT Business Leaders who want to Innovate and lead change.

RedZone Technologies specializes in:

  • RedZone MSP and MSSP: ‘On-Demand’ security and trusted advisor programs
  • Co-MITS – Co-Managed IT Security (‘Hands on’ Managed Services)
  • Cloud Security and Secure IT Infrastructure Support
  • Virtual Information Security Operations Programs (VISO and IT SecOps)

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A Sound Mind Needs A Sound Body – with Best-Selling Author & FEAR Guru, Patrick Sweeney

Are Business IT Leaders Too Fat?

….. I invited Patrick Sweeney, best known as the Fear Guru, to come to my office and chat about Courage, Passion & Performance.

This guy has an incredible story. He is the first person to ever bike to Everest Base Camp 🏔️, he’s an Angel Investor in over 30 start-ups & he’s done studies with the world’s top neuroscientists. 🧠

In this video, tune in to Patrick’s tips for IT Leaders about why it’s so important to stay fit. 💪

Exercise & movement makes you smarter.

So next time you’re trying to think in an innovative way… Go take a walk!

Think about what other tips you have for keeping in shape?  Let me know on LinkedIn @Bill Murphy.

How IT Leaders Can Develop a Robust Resiliency – with Author & Entrepreneur, Margaret Heffernan

About 3 years ago, Margaret Heffernan, did a leadership study with the Center of Epidemic Preparedness.
Way before any of us had heard of a thing called Corona Virus.

One of the executives she interviewed during the study, discusses 2x leadership mindsets 🧠…

  1.  “Just in Time” Mindset
  2.  “Just in Case” Mindset

    One mindset without the other is not efficient.

This thinking is brilliant.

Tune into this discussion to learn how IT leaders can apply this to develop robust resiliency, rethink redundancy & have an effective plan ready in your back pocket when disaster strikes.