Security is a Marathon, Not a Sprint 🏃

…..Couldn’t have said it better myself.

James DePietro (Jim) and I have been working together for over 2 years now. My team had to build credibility and earn his IT Directors’ respect when we were first brought on as a vendor… but that didn’t take long.

Jim’s team was having a problem, and after discussing it over the phone, I sent RedZone’s CTO, James Crifasi in.

James went in and fixed the problem in 3 SECONDS.  Jim and his team were shocked!

That’s the power of RedZone Technologies’ Co-Managed Security Services.

To make sure your network is protected and that you’re getting the most out of your security investments, contact the team at,

Weekly Roundup | Offense & Defense Tips of the Week – July 22, 2020


The question of What Does It Mean to Build Enterprise Value has been a provocative one.

Here are some major highlights from recent discussions I’ve had with IT Leaders with over 20-25+ years of experience. There is no algorithm we know of yet for experience.

Weekly Summary:  ✨ IT Business Leadership, Strategy & Innovation

Offense & Defense Innovation

  1. What Drives Digital Transformation (2:35) – RJ Juliano, Chief Information & Marketing Officer at Parkway Corporation
  2. Why Successful Outcomes Require Clear Communications from IT Leaders (2:38) – George Prior, VP of IT at Whitney, Bradley & Brown
  3. Luck or Skill? A CIOs Path from the Air Force to Silicon Valley (6:32) – Bryan Caporlette, Chief Technology Officer at G&G Outfitters
  4. How IT Leaders Can Achieve Agility While Maintaining Rigor & Quality (3:22)- Khuloud Odeh, CIO & VP at The Urban Institute
  5. Mindset to Support a Multi-Generational Workforce (6:53) – Jason Kasch, CIO at Structural Group
  6. Design & Deliver the Table – Creating a Frictionless Experience (17:12) – RJ Juliano, Chief Information & Marketing Officer at Parkway Corporation
  7. Hackers Tell the Story of the Twitter Attack from the Inside – The New York Times
  8. CISA Issues Emergency Alert for Windows DNS Patch – MeriTalk

About RedZone Technologies

Since 2001, RedZone Technologies has been the local leader in Managed Security Services, Data Governance,Security Assessments, Integration, and Policy Management, helping CIOs and Business IT Leaders prioritize cybersecurity spending based on risk while building enterprise value for IT business leaders who want to innovate and lead change.

RedZone Technologies specializes in:

  • RedZone MSP and MSSP: ‘On-Demand’ security and trusted advisor programs
  • Co-MITS – Co-Managed IT Security (‘Hands on’ Managed Services)
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  • Virtual Information Security Operations Programs (IT SecOps and VISO)

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Gain Unified Visibility & Control Over Your Security

Security Complexity is rising and the Security Tooling magnifies the workload since security tools don’t talk to one another in an easy way.

You need specialized labor to manage all the products as you attempt to simplify and consolidate.

As a SonicWall platinum partner, RedZone Technologies’ goal is to help enterprises gain unified VISIBILITY & CONTROL 🔎 with real time threat awareness and silo-free, multi-layer protection to safeguard your workforce, ANYTIME, ANYWHERE.

If you don’t have visibility and control over all of your endpoints now, how will you do it when your endpoints reach a trillion over the next decade?

How are you gaining visibility into security within your organization?  How are you consolidating and simplifying?

Get on my calendar to chat further and make sure your organization is secured from today’s rising attacks 👉

3x Key Superpowers for Strategic Growth & Innovation

I love these 3x Key Superpowers💪 that David Wallace, CTO at Greenphire, shares that every Successful IT Leader must have…

  1.  Listening
  2.  Hard Work
  3.  Assume you’re not the smartest person in the room

✔️Check out our full discussion to learn more ways IT Leaders can grow bigger and focus more strategically.

What is your #1 Superpower as an IT leader?

SHARE your comments with me on my LinkedIn page @Bill Murphy.

What Drives Digital Transformation for any Enterprise?

I love what RJ Juliano says here…

“Transformation without an objective is basically just spinning in circles.”

Digital Transformation is a hot topic right now as face-to-face connections are placed on hold and businesses look to digitize as much as possible.

Before moving too fast, it’s important to consider these points RJ Juliano, Chief Information & Marketing Officer at Parkway Corporation, shares on what drives digital transformation.

Take a listen and see if you agree.