Speed is the New Currency: 4 Steps on How to Innovate the Teams in Your Organization to ‘Go Fast’ | Innovation | Leadership

With the increasingly competitive world we live in that constantly demands new ideas and forward thinking, it’s crucial for you to be a leader who fosters innovation within your organization. But what we are finding is that being innovative isn’t enough…speed is key.

Last month, 35+ CIOs came together for a Private CIO Innovation Lunch and roundtable discussion focusing on this topic. The room was filled with high performance CIOs and Digital Strategy Leaders sharing their innovative ideas and gaining insight on how to overcome everyday challenges in their organizations.

During January’s roundtable discussion on ‘How to Create Innovative Teams That Produce Results Quickly’, it was interesting to hear different points of view from high performance CIOs and how they chose to ignite innovation and speed through their teams. Here are four resulting concept strategies.

  1. Tolerance for conflict and failure: To innovate means to fail at times. Organizations must be OK with this.
  2. Understanding the Impact: Make sure the teams and employees working on new innovative projects understand what type of impact they are having. It’s important that they feel valued so they can be innovative.
  3. Training & Communication: It’s important to develop cross department training & communication so everyone across the board understands the innovation processes.
  4. Promote a Learning Culture: Expose your teams to forward thinkers through books, podcasts, events, etc. This promotes an innovative mindset.

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