Top Efficiency Tools Shared By CIOs

Before each of my CIO Innovation Forum events, I find that it’s really important to take time and reach out to CIOs who have registered and ask them one important question – “What are you looking to gain from attending and what would be a huge win for you?” I tend to get all sorts of answers – varying slightly depending on the event’s agenda. Regardless, one answer clearly dominates – and that is, “I want to hear what my CIO Peers are doing in their organizations (i.e. best tools, practices, what works well/what doesn’t, etc.).

My team and I just wrapped up a series of Master Mind lunches in the MD, DC, and Raleigh, NC regions. I decided to ask the CIOs who attended to prepare and share the Top 3 best tools and/or systems they are currently using today that promote efficiency in their organizations.

Check out their responses in the document below. If you would like to be a part of these collaborative and informative conversations, reach out to my team to learn more about our upcoming CIO Innovation Forum events:

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