What Are the Skills That We Need Behind the Firewall Today?🧱 with Adam Gordon

“I think the challenge we’re seeing in organizations is that C-level executives continue to be stuck in the past, challenged by old assumptions about risk, that are not fundamentally true on the ground.”

This quote from Adam Gordon, Edutainer & SME at ITProTV, speaks to the different mindset that is required for the modern security environment.

Simply “protecting the perimeter” will not be enough when the “perimeter” exists in smartphones, tablets, and computers that could be connected to the internet anywhere. This is where having a framework in place, such as a “Zero Trust” model, becomes very valuable in protecting this modern perimeter.

As far as the employees who will manage your cloud infrastructure, Adam says it’s all about quality, not quantity. First, IT leaders need to have a plan to understand how to manage the risks associated with investing in the cloud. Then you can selectively pick the individuals with the appropriate skill sets to execute that plan.