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14 Wins | An Outcome from last month’s CIO Innovation, Strategy, & Leadership group event

  1.  “For us, our goal was not ‘Winning the game’, but ‘Playing the Infinite Game’.”
  2.  “As our organizations transform – we are Chief Information/Technology Evangelists.”
  3.  “We are utilizing real-ware as an option for both our customer engagements and our internal staff.”  (link to iPad arm product: www.kubiconnect.com/index.html)
  4.  “We have re-imagined what is possible and evolved into a truly digital organization with the capability to service all clients with cultural changes using advanced collaborative technologies.”
  5.   One of our attendees is getting ready to launch a new international investment fund to help reduce costs and enhance investment options for their clients.
  6.  “Lead with governance when launching new technology.”
  7.  “Leverage the Disaster” vs. “Respond to the Disaster.”
  8.   “Solving wicked problems vs. kind problems.”
  9.  “Connecting with a peer group facing some of the same challenges, but also enjoying some industry-unique wins.”
  10.  “I prefer telling my users we’re putting up ‘Guardrails for the Super Highway’ vs. ‘Governance,’ since we want them to go really fast –  but safely.”
  11.  “Small and global players, highly regulated and minimally regulated have exactly the same challenges to serve both their employees and customers.”
  12.  “The most critical and unmanaged endpoint in your security priority is your staff.”
  13.  “Be the ‘Department of How’, NOT the ‘Department of ‘No.’”\
  14.  “All business are digital businesses.”

We’re exchanging more leadership strategies like this at our next CIO Mastermind event, Wednesday, September 30th.