Solving IT Security Challenges Hollywood Style (with Zack Schuler)

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I recently had a wonderful talk with Zack Schuler. We discussed how 95 % of all breaches are caused by human error. It seems like such an obvious problem. But what can you do about this? Zack’s company has developed a way using a team of Hollywood writers to develop compelling security education and training to not just have your IT professionals involved in IT defense, but have all your employees involved.

4 Key Learning Points:

  1. The importance of the gamification of security training in developing a security culture
  2. The importance of entertainment in storytelling
  3. How to deploy training easily and efficiently.
  4. How to measure the effectiveness of training.

Listen to more about how to help train staff on increasing security awareness and education through a unique method of gamification and storytelling.

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Zack Schuler is the founder and CEO of Ninjio, which is an I.T. Security Awareness business. Zack is passionate about keeping people safe from the countless cyber threats that are ever increasing.


Summarized Show Notes:

  • How Zack found Ninjio [02:56]
  • Thoughts on securing the weakest link in the chain [04:22]
  • How to spend money on tools and make them your allies[05:03]
  • Zack’s opinion on end user responsibilities  [06:01]
  • The main cause of most breaches and ways to fight it [06:55]
  • Discussing the tendency of spending money on technology instead of educating humans about security [07:29]
  • Creating an inter-active environment to educate people[08:10]
  • Elaborating on the importance of creating a story to help people retain new information. [09:30]
  • How to create a teachable moment in order to get people to learn. [10:12]
  • Changing the culture of how people learn about security is more entertaining [10:35]
  • Security Awareness training is not easy needs a different educational approach[11:11]
  • Thoughts on security documentation and plethora of policies. [14:07]
  • Zack Schuler’s gives details on his educational approach [15:21]
  • Monitoring educational progress with the help of dashboard [16:35]
  • Zack’s concept validation with the help of Knowbe4 . [17:22]
  • What security awareness companies are implementing the training[18:14]
  • Building gamification into a product [20:03]
  • Thoughts on gamification and Jane McGonigal’s book Super Better [21:11]
  • Elaborating on the importance of employee education [23:23]

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