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Your Strategies Are Blown | the Next 100 Days

Now, is the time to build momentum as a Business IT Leader as you plan and look ahead at the Next 100 days.

     Do you have a strong ‘Offense’ and ‘Defense’ strategy in place?

     +  What are your CIO peers planning?

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Is Remote Work Here to Stay?

⚡ Brian Leitner, VP of IT at Van Scoyoc Associates, and I recently discussed some of the benefits of keeping remote work for the long haul:

    1. Employees are better at leveraging technologies that were already invested in
    2. Increased efficiency in production
    3. Quality of life improvements

If remote work is here to stay, it’s important to make sure you have the right security solutions in place.

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    Tools to Automate Old-School Workflows ⚡

    What are some manual processes & workflows that your team has had to automate recently?

    Document sharing, obtaining signatures or approving wire transfer payments are some of the old-school workflows that have not worked the same remotely.

    Butch Milligan, CIO of Maryland Auto Insurance, shares how his team has updated their manual processes and are now even more efficient for it.

    Share your experiences & lets discuss 👉 here.

    Check out our full discussion to learn more tools to improve your processes 👉

    Securing Microsoft Teams with Conditional Access & UBA

    Check out this riff with Roger Nowakowski, CIO of FHLBanks and myself as we discuss third-party access control, step-up authentication and control of uncontrolled endpoints.

    In particular, I liked his comments on User Behavior Analytics (UBA) – which is a very modern (next gen) approach to securing end-points. Step-up authentication

    1.  Securing uncontrolled end-points
    2.  Avoid making exceptions – even for the executives
    3.  Base-lining – User Behavior Analytics (UBA)

    What others can you think of?  Join in, so we can gain insight from the crowd.

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    How Powerful is a Personal Mission and Vision? with Zaid Salbi

    “I had a mission and vision on how to apply IT and the technology that we learn on a daily basis to the healthcare industry, and how can I save those patients?” 

    Zaid Salbi, Sr. Director of Information Technology at Professional Healthcare Resources.

    This video interview is a must watch for IT Leaders!

    Zaid shares an incredible story with us about the powerful impact of a personal mission, as well as incredible insights in the future of Telemedicine, particularly in a Post-COVID world.

    We also discuss:

    ✔️ Employee performance & measuring productivity
    ✔️ Business continuity planning
    ✔️ Power of technology to advance business and change the world

    If you have a similar story connecting your personal mission to your work, I’d love to hear it.
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