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Can You Be Better Than WWII’s Generation?

Often times the generation of WWII is considered to be the most heroic generation. I believe now is the right time to become the generation that is more heroic than they were. We should be using the corona virus to thrive in the face of chaos. We have an opportunity when this is over to build up our community. So, tip extra, support local businesses, rise up now.

When Was the Last Time We All Were Working From Home? Answer: 1840’s Working on a Farm

The last time most of the population was self-employed was in the 1840’s. During that time most people were laborers, or farmers. Mostly being farmers where everyone in the family had a role on the farm doing hard physical work. Fast forward to 2020, we are in the middle of a borderline pandemic where the majority of people are working from home with a different dynamic. Today’s working from home dynamic is sitting at a desk with a laptop getting the work done. I think that to make the dynamic a little better you need to get active! Take the time out of your day to go outside for a walk, get some exercise to break up the day. We are physical beings.

How to Move 500 Frozen Food Trucks Per Day in the Middle of a Crisis? | John Walker, Dir IT, H&M Bay

During this conversation myself and John go over:

  • Innovation all the way down to workflows and paper processes at the edges of the business
  • The importance of conveying strategy to C-Suite prior to the disaster BCP & DR Planning
  • Use of Citrix was a savior
  • The benefits of Wyse thin clients
  • Troubleshooting VoIP, jet packs, POE switches, and Multi-monitors for remote users
  • Troubleshooting browsers

Can a Virtual Happy Hour in Times of Crisis be Strategic

Here are the key takeaways from my conversation with Michael:

Michael operates on the mindset that working remotely is the same as working in the office. Michael is experimenting with his team, a virtual “happy hour” to keep the morale of the company up. He believes it is best in the “new normal” work environment to be clear, be honest, and transparent.

When in Crisis Pay Attention to Your Customer’s Customers

Here are key takeaways for you from my conversation with Mark: Mark sees the Pandemic as a massive opportunity to re-think how his association does work moving forward and the agility and value they offer to their 60k members. Mark uses the term ‘the egg is boiled’

1) Rethink staffing and what it means to do remote work

2) Governance

3) office 365 and teams dedicated support

4) Process and workflow re-engineering (BA skills etc)

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