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How to Raise Emotionally Strong, Resilient and Powerful Kids in A Digital Age

How to Stop Coddling the Emotions of Your Kids

Today, I have a special guest, Dr. David Murphy. David is one of the world’s leaders in working with children, young adults and families and helping them with their struggles, utilizing time management and organization. He consults with families and addresses the needs of students at all grade levels have been diagnosed with challenges like Asperger’s, non-verbal learning disabilities, social emotional disabilities, ADHD, and all types of challenges related to this time management organization.

Dr. Murphy received his Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Special Education from the University of Connecticut and is nearing completion of his second Master’s degree in Special Education from Southern Connecticut State University. He earned his Doctorate in Education at Northeastern University.

In our conversation, we get into all sorts of details related to the issues that are facing children, from young children through middle school, and high school. These are things that I have been personally trying to become an expert on with my family. if you have a child at any one of these stages, stay tuned because some of the things that David brings up completely rock my world and they will yours as well.

We discuss topics like, How do you not coddle the emotions of your kids?’, What does that mean with child rearing and growing kids that are emotionally resilient?’, How do you, as a parent, not be afraid of your children failing?’, and How do you underpin family values and a lot of the strategies you deploy as a parent.?’ We also go into how you unhinge limiting beliefs with kids, how you establish a thinking about your thinking; and how you develop the patterns of emotional behavior so that they can be resilient in the face of uncertainty, in the face of doubt, in the face of failure and failing? And, finally, what is the effect of the digital generation on how you help your kids navigate and help families navigate FOMO, the fear of missing out’ effect – with the phone and other digital distractions.

Dr. Murphy shares techniques, strategies and tactics of how you can deploy the right type of approaches to support your family values as it relates to this digital age and how to raise resilient, emotionally very, very strong and powerful children.  I hope you enjoy this incredible interview that I had with Dr. David Murphy.

Here are some Important TakeAways from this Interview:

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Modern Sales | Your Customers Don’t Need You Anymore

Why did I go down this path with this type of episode?

I recently read an article by Chris Peterson, Principal at Vector Firm, where he outlined ways for a salesperson to differentiate themselves from every other salesperson. I was impressed and it made me think hard about the role of a salesperson and the notable transformation within today’s selling environment.

Beginning in 2006, Chris recognized a growing chasm between the way organizations purchased security technology and the way it was being sold. He recognized that this was creating a sales force of amazing security account managers who had little or no time to HUNT for new business.

Do you think the role of a salesperson is dead? People are afraid of even using the word salesperson today. You rarely see this title on a business card. You see titles like Business Development, Account Manager, Account Executive and the list goes on and on.

Is the role of a commission based sales rep dead?

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Cloud Application Security Is Your Gateway to Cloud Confidence

Today, my guest is Shannon Emmons, Senior Product Manager at SonicWall.

It was great having Shannon talk with our CIO and Lieutenant community. She is the top person for managing the product development of the Cloud App Security line with SonicWall

From a security strategy perspective, the importance of a platform for security threat management, blocking, detection and response, as it relates to SaaS apps and your data, has never been more important. This can’t be understated as more and more of your business applications are moved to the cloud and Securing Office 365, OneDrive, G Suite, Box, Dropbox, and other SaaS apps take on a higher and higher priority.

I was eager to talk with Shannon and I was lucky to catch up with her after our Cloud and Email Kill Chain Defense Innovation lunch event. Here are some of the key questions we discussed:

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Offense and Defense Innovation at Experian with World Class CIO, Barry Libenson

Barry LibensonI’m very excited about my guest for you today. It’s Barry Libenson, Global CIO for Experian. He is responsible for the design and delivery of global technology strategy. Prior to joining Experian in 2015, he was Senior Vice President and CIO of Safeway in North America. Before that, he was the CIO and VP of Land O’Lakes. He has a continuous track record of huge success in the CIO capacity.

I am excited to bring Barry back for “Round 2” – his second episode with me and the RedZone Podcast. You will get the following out of this show as it relates to CIO Offensive and Defensive Strategy for a World Class company:

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The Spartan Regime: Leadership, Character and Strategy

First, an interesting coincidence I want to share. It’s middle-evening on Friday here in the Poconos, Pennsylvania where I’m getting ready to participate in a race tomorrow morning at 7:30 am. From the starting line, I’m going to race down the mountain in a Spartan race. It’s an obstacle course Spartan race that I’ve done several times. It’s my big challenge of the year.

The irony is that I have on my Podcast today, an expert in ancient Greece. His name is Paul Rahe. Paul has written a trilogy of books on Sparta and the Spartans. The third volume being released in a few weeks. You’ll find a link to it on the podcast notes page along with the other two books in this trilogy. I’ve read these books, which are fantastic, and I’m endlessly fascinated with Spartans for a couple of reasons. I’ve always been fascinated with the Samurai, the Comanche, the Mongols, the Knights, etc. I just love these classic cultures and I think it’s because there’s a heroic myth. There’s a heroic part in all of us that’s symbolized by these cultures. The Spartans stand out for this and I really wanted to get into:

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