How to Communicate the Actual Readiness of your IT Security Program for PCI 3.0, Omnibus HIPAA, BAAs, New Bank Regs, NCUA

This webinar was developed in response to new developments with PCI 3.0, Omnibus HIPAA, BAAs, New Bank regulations, and NCUA regulations. We reviewed important approaches to managing what I consider to be ground shaking changes with IT Security Processes, Capabilities, Communications, and Budgeting. The content will focus on what our customers are getting from regulators and banks as the deleterious effects of IT Security events over the past 12 months start to percolate into the market. The webinar, and the accompanying slides can be found below.

We covered the following topics :

1. How to Build Process Flows, Checklists, Reporting Structures, Assessment tools, to score IT Security risk for the CIO, CEO and Board.

2. How do you communicate risk across broad ranges of IT systems complexity accurately.

3. How to use a Scoreboard tool to communicate readiness of your IT Security Program from Tech staff, to CIO, to CEO and Board.

4. How do you balance IT Security risk and priorities so that decision makers can understand without losing them in the technical weeds.

5. How to simplify and manage your security architecture and design.

6. How to make managing security easily and simply when there is over lapping functionality?

7. How you can use these tools, processes, and risk scoring to build your IT Security Roadmap for 2015.

8. How to build a Data Governance and Risk communication plan for your IT Security portfolio.