CIO Innovation Forum Event Archive – May 2018

National Automotive Dealers Association (NADA) | Tysons, VA

CIO Inovation Forum May 2018CIO Inovation Forum May 2018

Round-Table Discussion Topics

  • If you had $5-6K in slush/innovation funds to dedicate towards a side project in your organization – what innovation project would you invest in and test?
  • How can you innovate within a culture of constraint?
  • You want to be involved with business innovation; but when you are invited to the table how do you sound? Are you the voice of exponential thinking and possibility or are you the voice of reason and logic?


  • Tech Innovation Showcase: How to Build an Innovation Lab
  • IoT & Security by Design, by Patrick Ewing
  • Cloud First” Strategy for Security Innovation, by James Crifasi, CTO RedZone Technologies