​RedZone10X - CIO Profit & Next Gen Security Mastermind

​Date: Thursday, June 11th 2020

​Location: Zoom

​Session 1: 11-11:45am - ​Offense Innovation - CIOs and Title Equiv. Only

This session will focus on what specifically your peers are doing in collaboration with other business units or solo to support revenue generation, customer acquisition and retention, cloud capability enablement, BI and analytics initiatives, etc

​Session 2: 11:45am-12:30pm - Defense Innovation - Next Gen Security Tactics and Strategy - CIOs and Security Lieutenants

​This session will focus on: Client Capture (Next Gen AI/ML), CAS - Cloud App Security (Teams, Box, DropBox, SaaS, G-Suite) & SPOG (Limited Security Tooling)

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About Your Host

Bill Murphy, CEO, RedZone Technologies

Bill Murphy - CEO, RedZone Technologies

​Bill is the CEO of RedZone Technologies and the CIO Defense + Offense Innovation, Leadership, and Strategy Forum.

Bill is an Offense and Defense focus expert. He believes there has never been a better time to be a CIO of Security Lieutenant. Now is the best to time to re-energize your career. Now is the best time to take the CEO’s job (or aspire to it). Now is the right time to change your title to Chief Strategy Officer (or aspire to it) or innovation officer. Now is the best time to create a “table” versus wish you had a seat at one. Now is the time for bold 10x thinking. Now is the time to capitalize on lifetime of experience right now there is no algorithm for wisdom and experience.

​He blends Offense-Defense Innovation strategy and leadership. He believes in cross domain capabilities. He believe in the power of your role and the importance of knowing others like yourself. (Thus the Mastermind) 

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The RedZone Team

RedZone’s security expertise started back prior to 2001 (almost 20 years ago) when the company was founded. Our team of experts has handled the Y2K calamity that didn’t happen, but had to be prepared for, the 9/11 attacks, Avian Flu crisis, 2007 and 2008 financial crisis, modern BCP and IT Recovery and Response Data Centers, and now the pandemic caused by COVID-19.

RedZone has been a part of some of the first remote access technologies with VPNs, Citrix, Modem Dialers (we are dating ourselves), SSL VPNs, Identity Access Control, DMZs, High availability Edge Technologies, and Security Designs for discerning and security conscious customers.

We are now leaders in securing your unprecedented shifts to the cloud with (CAS) Cloud Access Security, Cloud Kill Chain, and Secure Access Control.

Soon, if not already, in an unprecedented fashion, you will have to scale your remote work force. This will widen your attack surface and create new challenges to solve. We will help you navigate these choices.

The one thing that doesn’t change is change itself as it relates to operational IT and security. However, as a partner we haven’t changed as it relates to being there ready to support you no matter what the challenge is.

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